Making time for those wants instead of those have to’s

I try to make my little one something handmade often but as is life, sometimes what you intend to do can get lost amongst the things you have to do. I decided to take a break from all of those “have to’s” in order to make my Oliver one of the many things on my list of stuff to make for him. I had previously pinned a crochet pattern¬† for the sweetest crochet moccasins on my Pinterst Crochet Board, I am guessing before I even had a little one, with the good intentions of making a pair. I am happy to announce that alas I have hooked up a pair.

(My little model hehe)

Projects such as these don’t take long in terms of time but there is the tedious task of stitching them together. Confession, I generally don’t like making an item that is a pair. I find it hard to make two the same, I have no idea why. I follow the same pattern, the exact same way, but in the end I always end up obsessing over the subtle differences between the two. I am sure no one else can see it but I can and it drives me crazy!!

Either way, this crochet pattern was really easy to follow and is a great starter for beginners. Maybe you are in need of a mommy project yourself or maybe you have a little in your life who could use these cozy moccasins to keep their toes toasty and stylish? Whatever the reasons, this is a great project.

I love the fringe along the back of the slipper, lots of fun to make and really gives it that moccasin feel. There are only a few stitches used in this pattern so don’t let the fringe scare you, once you get down the main stitches they will come easily. The pattern itself is very detailed and has lots of great pictures to guide you along the way.

I recommend using stitch markers to hold everything in place when it comes time to sewing the pieces together. It saves a lot of re-doing if you aren’t sewing things evenly, I may have learned this the hard way a few times myself. No matter how small the project, just pin it!

Okay, another confession. I might have waited a little too long to crochet these slippers as my son is in size 5 and the biggest this pattern makes is a 3-4. There is some give in them but I wanted to make sure they would fit him in the end, so I changed a few things in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

The first thing I did was use a larger hook size then what was called for in the pattern, this was again to ensure the slippers would fit a bit larger. I used a 4mm size hook. The next thing I changed was the bottom of the shoe, I added a few extra rows in order to get the size I needed. I believe the pattern for the bottom of the shoe finishes at row 18 but I added a couple extra rows and ended at 20 which got me to the size I needed. Now that I have got you all excited to make your own you can find the pattern here

I think they turned out so beautifully and they are so Oliver. I put them on him and couldn’t get them off, he just wanted to run around in his new moccasins. My heart is happy every time I stop and take the time to make him all the things. Every handmade gift comes from the heart, and he has mine ūüôā

Happy crafting friends!


Labour of Love

At the beginning of last year I had made it my goal to become better friends with my sewing machine. As life would have it I never got a chance to blog about the special sewing project I undertook before Christmas, but the good news is that I am slowly convincing my sewing machine we should be friends. I’m not sure my sewing machine is convinced we are best friends but I am for sure in the acquaintance category so that’s a good starting point.

I got the idea for this crafting project as I started to de-clutter my son’s room. I had a pile of clothes and sleepers that no longer fit him. I slowly packed them up and whilst doing so it brought back a flood of emotions. I realised that each of the little newborn sleepers, shirts, and sweaters held so many precious memories. I didn’t want to pack them away in a box or give them away. I decided that I would take the ones that were from his newborn to six month phase and make a quilt out of them. I began to pick our favourites and started to cut out tiny squares to use for the quilt. I was so eager and excited that I would get to hold onto these memories and be able to wrap them around my little guy. Each square would tell a story. Like this one, this was the first morning waking up at home with our little miracle;

Or the first Mother’s Day gift I received, matching shirts because life is rad;

Or the countless naps that made my heart melt;

These are just some of the memories I see whenever I look at the quilt I made, these and so many more. I can’t believe he was ever this tiny, time is a thief! It’s easy to forget, as most days I’m just trying to keep up and survive an ever adventurous toddler.

I have to say that this project was beyond my skill level and you can tell if you look closely at my stitching. I didn’t anticipate that each square would be a slightly different material and would stretch and move around so much. If I had to do it over again I would definitely be more aware of this and try to keep the squares more in line.

Not the best picture but I took this one as I was nearing the end of my labours. I was elated as I could finally see my masterpiece coming together.

My finished product, all sewn up and completed. You can’t see it but I am giving myself a pat on the back. It’s not perfect by any means but you can guarantee it was made with a lot of love.


I definitely have a long way to go on becoming besties with my sewing machine but I am so proud of the finished product. I spent countless hours cutting, pinning, and sewing all in the name of love. I hope my little guy loves his blanket as much as I did making it for him. I am so happy I found a way to hold all the memories of the first few months of his life close by, ones that we can laugh at and ones we will cherish forever!

I didn’t follow a pattern for this project but you can find a similar style on my Pinterst board, just click the link here. Happy sewing friends ūüôā




I say a hip hop….

I’ve been dying to try this jersey style yarn for a while now. I finally got around to picking some up but then it came to deciding what to make. One simply can’t¬†waste good yarn so there it sat for a few weeks as I pondered and dreamed. Then one day the perfect idea hippity hopped into my brain. Yup, it was settled, I was going to attempt to crochet an Easter bunny basket for my baby boy.

I eagerly got on Pinterest and pinned my fav patterns, the only problem being I was using a different weight and style of yarn then recommended by most of the patterns so it would take some patience and thinking to make it work. After several different attempts with different hooks and patterns I finally found one that would fit which I will now share with you. I used the following Easter Bunny Basket Pattern (you can also follow my crochet board on Pinterest) but I changed a few things along the way which I will explain as we go so you too can create this hippity hoppity bunny basket.

To start with I used hook size 8mm instead of the recommended 5mm hook as the yarn I was using was¬†much thicker than what the pattern called for. With my hook in hand I began to¬†follow the pattern starting with the base. I only made one base not two, with the thicker yarn you shouldn’t need to make two bases for the basket. The yarn should be strong enough to hold all their goodies but do what works best for you. I followed the pattern until round 7, I stopped here¬†as the base of my basket was around 9″ which I thought was¬†big enough.

I then moved to the next section of the pattern, the body. Instead of following round 1 (1 sc around) I 1 sc only in the back loop to give the basket a nice edge. I followed round 2 through round 10 but stopped after that. The pattern suggests you go until round 13 but I felt I had enough height in my basket to stop after round 10. The great part of working with thicker yarn is that it tends to builds quickly and really holds its shape.

Are you still with me? If it’s not making sense please send me an email and I will be happy to help. I was really impressed with the jersey yarn and would highly recommend it. It makes a beautiful basket and could be left as is, if it wasn’t for the Easter bunny coming I would have done just that.

Next up are the handles, I opted to only make one handle. Instead of finishing off your yarn at round 10 keep the hook in and proceeded to stitch 3 HDC, turn and do 3 HDC. Continue going back and forth (3 HDC each way) until you get a long enough handle for the basket.

Once you get the length you prefer you can attach it directly across to the other side of the basket using a SS. Then you can finish off the ends and start on the bunny ears. For the ears I followed the pattern¬†and they turned out perfectly. You can attach them once you are done with a SS at the top. I used yarn for the eyes instead of the buttons as I didn’t want my little to try and put them in his mouth. I added a cute yarn nose to match using Charisma Loops and Threads for both.

For the bunny cheeks I followed the pattern with the same yarn, Charisma Loops and Threads, but stopped after round 1. The yarn is a bit thicker then what’s suggested so I found them to be the ideal¬†size after just 1 round.

I was really happy with how it was coming together¬†thus far but something was missing….something fluffy. I decided I needed to add a squishy¬†tail because what’s a bunny without the cute poof. I made a pompom for the tail and here are the end results.

So there you have it folks, a hip hoppity bunny basket. I hope ya’ll have just as much fun making it as I did. You can even add in a cute bowtie or bow, really anything to make it your own and special for your littles.

Happy Easter friends ūüôā


You are 1

They say when you have a baby that time will no longer move at the same speed,¬†that it will start to quicken its pace and before you know it your newborn baby will¬†be turning 5 and heading out the door to their first day of kindergarten. I remember rolling my eyes when I would hear other moms tell me¬†this and think “yes, I know time will move fast just let me know enjoy this and stop telling me how fast it’s going to go by”. Looking back I see it less as an¬†annoyance and more of a warning, a warning to hold them as long as you can, enjoy every struggle¬†and every snuggle. For it’s true, before you know it time will escape you and your newborn baby will be 1. It still amazes me that a year has passed since I got to experience the greatest moment of my life, that moment being when I got to hold my beautiful baby boy for the first time. It was an incredible feeling that I can still feel every time he looks at me and grabs onto my shirt. That’s the first thing he did when the doctor gave him to me, he grabbed onto my robe and held on tight. In that moment I think I felt every human emotion¬†possible, I was scared, excited, happy beyond words, relieved and again scared but as soon as I felt his grip I knew everything was going to be okay and all those emotions turned into pure love. I am now one of those annoying moms that will tell all the other new moms to hold them as long as you can, enjoy every snuggle and every struggle because the struggles will change and the snuggles will fade as they grow so quickly in front of your eyes. It’s honestly unbelievable how fast it all goes, just as soon as you think you have caught up to them they are already onto something new.

Before I had my son time just moved at a different pace, I think because I set the tone of how fast I wanted things to move plus I was way more awake during it so I could remember a lot more. It’s amazing how somebody so small can completely change how you see and feel about everything in your life, your whole perspective on life changes. On March 23, 2016 at 9:47am my life changed for the better and one year from that date I can honestly say it has only gotten better even though time has escaped me.

Here we are one year later, you are 1, my baby boy and I can’t imagine life without you. You have taught me how to truly love, to be patient, to live in the moment and¬†to appreciate every day for every day being your mom is the greatest gift. I never knew how badly I wanted to be your mom until I first held you in my arms, you grabbed on tight as if to say you weren’t going to let go and I gripped back just as tightly to let you know I wouldn’t either. You are such a gentle, kind soul who loves to laugh, fittingly your middle name means “the one who laughs” and it couldn’t be more true. You dance to every musical beat you hear and Sesame Street is your jam. You truly are our greatest adventure and I look forward to making many more wonderful memories as we go along this journey together. I will love you always and forever my little beautiful boy who is now 1.

I chose to make you a gift from my heart and one that will keep you warm¬†and cozy. If you should ever miss your mom you can give your sweater a squeeze and I hope you feel it squeeze right back as it’s made with these two hands that love you so.

*Pattern by Thevelvetacron

*Buttons purchased from Brickbubble

Just when I think you can’t get any cuter I see you in this sweater and my heart melts. I wish so many good things for you my beautiful boy but if I can just speak of¬†a few it would be that I hope you always know how loved you are and that no matter what life throws your way you¬†will know that I will be there holding your hand saying proudly¬†“you got this”. Love mom.

*Photos taken by David Evanochko


Days like these

Most of my days are spent with the coolest little guy. He is cute, adorable, has a smile that would melt anyone’s heart and is just the best human ever! We chill out on Sesame Street, we talk in our own secret language and we laugh at the fart noises he makes with his mouth. Yup, my little Oliver is my kind of peoples……until he isn’t. Some days I look at him and wonder where my chill little dude¬†went. This not so cool dude is grumpy, cries no matter what I do and could give zero shits about what Ernie and Bert are up to, ughhhh, these are the longest days of life. It was on one of these not so good¬†days that I was inspired to make him something cozy.

Our day started out pretty rad and then quickly went down a path of no sleep, screaming and pouty faces. I’m talking the kind of day you can’t even take a two¬†second¬†break to¬†pee because the little cutie becomes the most demanding human ever and screams if you leave the room, my fellow parents know whats up! On days like these I call him my Joey as he can be found¬†strapped to me in his carrier. Like a¬†mama kangaroo I carry my baby around all day every damn day! It’s exhausting but it’s all part of the mom life, oh the things we do to get some peace and quiet. I’ll never forget the first time I put him in his carrier, the top right shows his legit sassy “mom this won’t work” face;


As you can see he was not a believer in the magic of the carrier but within five minutes he became one. Sleeping baby equals a happy mom as you can tell by my permanent grin.¬†If I was to recommend anything to new parents¬†this would be it, get a carrier so on days like this you can at least have two hands and some sanity. I have heard that some babies don’t like the carrier and for those moms I am sorry, but if they like em put em in.

Getting back to the day at hand, my Joey strapped in tight and finally resting, I decided to pick up the hook and make him something cozy. I picked up my favourite skein of yarn and was quickly inspired.


I went with what I know best and that is the slouch. I decided it was time I crocheted my little one a slouchy toque of his own for the cold winter that is sure to come. I didn’t really follow a pattern but I used a similar technique as shown on a awesome crochet blog called All About Ami. I just changed the measurements to fit his tiny head. To start with I Ch stitched until it measured about 35 cm, I wanted it a bit longer so I could have the option of folding it. From there I followed the pattern but only went until it fit snug around his head, about 17-19 cm. I added a pom pom to compliment the slouch and I was done. I did almost all of this while he slept in his carrier. It¬†amazes me¬†how a bad situation can be turned into a productive and positive one.




It warms my heart to see him all cozy in something I made on one of our not so good days, because when I look back those days aren’t really that bad after all ūüôā


Light of my life

I have been crafting for a long time now and for the most part do it for fun. It’s what lights up my soul, it ignites my creative juices and sets me on a passionate quest to craft all the things. Not much has changed in this area besides the fact that I have a bigger light inside my soul and each time he smiles at me, reaches for my face and watches me with those blue eyes, that light grows brighter and more intense. How does one craft for this new little light? What do you choose to make for the most important little being in your life?

It was difficult choosing what to make¬†for my little light, Oliver, but I kept things simple though the pressure was on. I really wanted to impress him and make his room feel special. I thought back to my childhood to get inspired and then it hit me plain and simple, why not make the cutest little teddy bear? It’s simple yet symbolic of all things child like and comfy. Who doesn’t remember their first teddy bear and secretly wish they could still give it a squeeze?! No, just me?

It didn’t take long to stumble across a suitable candidate for my little one’s first bear.


He was charming, soothing and seemed to yearn for a little one to watch over. The pattern is¬†by b.hooked crochet¬†The pattern was one of the most amazing ones I have followed¬†thus far, it even had a video to go along with it¬†so you could follow it¬†step by step. I changed a few things to make him one of a kind. I traded the scarf for a bowtie to create¬†a more dapper look and opted out of adding¬†in the felt detailing around the ears and feet. If you are looking to make someone’s day¬†I recommend getting your hook out and stitching this guy up. It came together slowly but it gave me¬†butterflies with each piece I finished. I couldn’t help but imagine my little guy playing with him and squeezing him¬†in delight.


For now he sits eagerly waiting to be played with. I know I will feel the butterflies once again when I see this guy all snug in those squishy baby arms.

I don’t have time to go over all the nursery projects I got up to but I will make a few honourable mentions;


*I made this with the help of Whitney, the maker behind Dreamboat Dreamcatchers. She makes unique dream catchers in all shapes and sizes.


*This beautiful painting was given as a gift by my talented Auntie Sheila (a link to her website can be found along the side).


*I bought this off of an Etsy store called The Freckled Goose I think it speaks for itself.

I ¬†love how everything came together so perfectly. I hope that I have created the perfect space for my little light to grow brighter with each passing day and I can’t wait to watch it all happen ūüôā





I’m back folks….

Welcome back friends! It’s hard to believe it’s already August, so much has happened¬†in my life. That biggest change of course was¬†when I¬†became ¬†mom to my precious little Oliver. He¬†blessed us with his presence on March 23 at 9:47am and our lives were forever changed.


Most days are a blur and I honestly don’t know where the last 4 months have gone. Now I know most people tell you that “your life will never be the same when you have kids”, I remember rolling my eyes thinking “duh”! But nothing could have prepared me for this mom life; no prenatal classes, no books, no unsolicited advice, nope none of it. I remember being in labour for what felt like forever thinking that maybe there wasn’t a baby inside me after all, but finally he arrived and I got to hold him. I felt so relieved thinking that the hard part was over but boy was I wrong. The hard part seems to really start the moment you get home from the hospital and just continues on from there. I’ll never forget getting home from the hospital and looking at my partner and saying¬†“now what”? It’s terrifying to go from barely managing your own life to taking care of this tiny little human. I have been living in a constant¬†state of fulfilling the needs of the cutest yet most demanding little human I have ever met. I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back and soak it all in for I will never get these moments back and they will be gone before I know it. I don’t want to dwell too much on being a new mom because this space is for creating so I will leave it at this,¬†when people ask what it’s like to be a new mom/parent I sum it up as such “parenting for me is moments of complete adoration and love to crying fits of frustration wondering why your kid is being a jackass”. It’s harsh but true!! I’ve never loved something so much in my life and at the same time been so frustrated, it’s something kind of wonderful.

I would like to start by finishing what I started before I left on my maternity break. I had planned on posting about my crafting projects for the nursery and have picked a couple of my favs to discuss over the next couple of weeks.

I am not one for tradition and I don’t play into genderizing colours and by this I mean I don’t believe in specific colours for girls or boys. Colour is colour and has no basis in gender. No judgement if you do, to each their own. Having said that I wanted the room to be colourful and whimsical, one that ties in a bunch of colour and one that brings in a little taste of Vancouver. I wanted it to be fun and a land where the dreamer can rest their weary head. To create this feel I had images of hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling and then from there fluffy white clouds. I mean what dreamer or child for that matter, doesn’t spend their time¬†gazing up at those puffy white clouds in wonder. It’s always exciting when you realise you have that “ah ha” idea and even better when you find the perfect pattern to make it happen.

FullSizeRender (64)

I picked up this crochet book a while back when I was in Chicago and I highly recommend it. Inside I found the perfect pattern for a crochet hot air balloon. The balloons were a good choice as they gave life to the walls and added dimension into the room.


The thing I loved about this project is that you can pick any colour of colours you want for the balloon(s). I had fun playing around with it but settled on black and white for one and grey and yellow for the other. If you are new to hooking don’t be discouraged, as long as you can work in the round and know some basic techniques you got this.


Nothing could prepare me for the moment my little one looked up and noticed them in sheer delight, he just sat in my arms silently and watched them dance with the breeze from the air conditioner. My heart was a flutter and all the hours spent planning and crafting were instantly worth it. I would make a thousand more if he asked me to if it meant I got to hold him and see that look of wonder on his face.