Knitting Journey

At the beginning of the year I set three goals for myself; learn how to knit, macrame and lastly to become better friends with my sewing machine. Well, I managed to cross one of the three off my list. This summer I macramed a plant holder, which I posted about on my blog, I have also been working on some wall hangings. I am hoping to cross the other two off my list before the passing of another year. I know, nothing like leaving it to the last minute but better late than never! That’s the beauty about setting goals, they hold you accountable and keep you motivated throughout the year. Nothing feels better than achieving a goal and that’s how I’m feeling as of right now. Okay, I haven’t finished my knitting project yet but I count it as a success to have purchased the supplies and given it a try. Let me tell you it’s a lot different than crocheting!

I’m not going to reveal what I am attempting to make as of yet but I am going to share with you my successes and failures as I go along. I have received some awesome tips on my instagram account from some amazing knitters, who I admire very much. So far I have been playing around with some stitching and trying to get my hands working right, working with needles instead of a hook has been challenging. They both work in very different ways. The hook acts as a claw and grabs onto the yarn, while the needle doesn’t provide this. Instead they rely on you to move your hands in different motions in order to grab onto the yarn. The most helpful tip I received so far when transitioning from crocheting to knitting is the learn how to continental knit which is basically knitting while using your left hand, the same as you would in crocheting.  If any of you hookers out there are looking to try your hand at knitting I have found this style of knitting to be very helpful thus far. You can click on the link above to learn more about this technique.

With this in mind and a video tutorial or two or three….okay a lot…..I have learnt how to cast onto my knitting needles! Woot, woot!! I know it’s a little step in a long journey but it feels so good!!

I have yarn on my needles guys!!

I found a great video tutorial that was slow and patient with me which I am going to share with you here. Bless those who post videos to share their hard work with others, I am ever so thankful for all of you! Without all your time and energy posting these educational tutorials I would have never learnt how to crochet or attempt my hand at knitting, so thank you very much!

With yarn on my needles I am ready for the next steps which I will share on my blog as I go along. I found it fairly simple once I got into the groove of casting the yarn onto the needles but I did and still do struggle with my tension. The more I read on this the more I find that this is common if you are a crocheter. It can be challenging to get the right amount of tension. This is definitely something I am going to have to work on.

It feels so good to be trying something new. I encourage all of you to get out there and try something you have always wanted to. Don’t worry about the cost, time or if you will be good at it, just go do it! The feeling is amazing and it does the soul good. Life is short so why not enjoy the ride doing what makes you happy.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in my knitting journey. Happy crafting!

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