Making time for those wants instead of those have to’s

I try to make my little one something handmade often but as is life, sometimes what you intend to do can get lost amongst the things you have to do. I decided to take a break from all of those “have to’s” in order to make my Oliver one of the many things on my list of stuff to make for him. I had previously pinned a crochet pattern  for the sweetest crochet moccasins on my Pinterst Crochet Board, I am guessing before I even had a little one, with the good intentions of making a pair. I am happy to announce that alas I have hooked up a pair.

(My little model hehe)

Projects such as these don’t take long in terms of time but there is the tedious task of stitching them together. Confession, I generally don’t like making an item that is a pair. I find it hard to make two the same, I have no idea why. I follow the same pattern, the exact same way, but in the end I always end up obsessing over the subtle differences between the two. I am sure no one else can see it but I can and it drives me crazy!!

Either way, this crochet pattern was really easy to follow and is a great starter for beginners. Maybe you are in need of a mommy project yourself or maybe you have a little in your life who could use these cozy moccasins to keep their toes toasty and stylish? Whatever the reasons, this is a great project.

I love the fringe along the back of the slipper, lots of fun to make and really gives it that moccasin feel. There are only a few stitches used in this pattern so don’t let the fringe scare you, once you get down the main stitches they will come easily. The pattern itself is very detailed and has lots of great pictures to guide you along the way.

I recommend using stitch markers to hold everything in place when it comes time to sewing the pieces together. It saves a lot of re-doing if you aren’t sewing things evenly, I may have learned this the hard way a few times myself. No matter how small the project, just pin it!

Okay, another confession. I might have waited a little too long to crochet these slippers as my son is in size 5 and the biggest this pattern makes is a 3-4. There is some give in them but I wanted to make sure they would fit him in the end, so I changed a few things in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

The first thing I did was use a larger hook size then what was called for in the pattern, this was again to ensure the slippers would fit a bit larger. I used a 4mm size hook. The next thing I changed was the bottom of the shoe, I added a few extra rows in order to get the size I needed. I believe the pattern for the bottom of the shoe finishes at row 18 but I added a couple extra rows and ended at 20 which got me to the size I needed. Now that I have got you all excited to make your own you can find the pattern here

I think they turned out so beautifully and they are so Oliver. I put them on him and couldn’t get them off, he just wanted to run around in his new moccasins. My heart is happy every time I stop and take the time to make him all the things. Every handmade gift comes from the heart, and he has mine 🙂

Happy crafting friends!


Crochet Easter Eggs

Tis’ the season for that cute little bunny to hop hop hop it’s way into our homes while leaving a trail of treats for all to find. It’s hard to believe that spring is officially here. I don’t know where you are on the map but here in the Prairies we are still drowning in snow 😦 It’s not a lot of fun and so hard to stay positive when all you want to see is that green grass poking through the white stuff to give some hope that spring is actually here. The good thing? Another excuse to indulge in some yummy treats before we have to start the dreaded chore of spring cleaning. So lets eat while we can and go on the hunt to find all the goodies that bunny will leave behind.

If you come across any eggs that look like these guys then please refrain from eating. They are pretty cute but not eligible to be part of our guilt free eating, unless you like eating yarn and in that case you got issues 😉 I made these beauties to get those spring vibes flowing through me and through my home. These crochet eggs are a delight to make, I felt like a kid again playing with different colour combos and patterns.

These little eggs are so much fun and will be sure to cure those snowy day blues, rest assured it will feel like spring soon enough! This pattern can be found here.

I made one modification which I want to mention. I did not have the right size of hook as per the pattern so I used the smallest one I had which was a 3mm. With this in mind, I only inc x 3 for step #2. I wanted to make mention in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

I also want to share a good tip I once received when switching between colours. It can be difficult to make it look seamless but what I found helped was, when you are wanting to make a colour change take the colour you are currently working with (colour A) and insert it through the next stitch as you normally would, yarn over and pull through, then take colour B (the colour you are wanting to switch to) and yarn over. Continue with the stitch you were in progress of completing. From there you will be working with the new colour and can continue on. I found this to be the best practice when wanting to make the switch as unnoticeable as possible.

It’s time to hop hop hop on over to your yarn stash and get started! Happy Easter Friends 🙂


Hook a little love

A child can drastically change your world once they enter it. I couldn’t have foreseen it changing the way we celebrated or didn’t celebrate the holidays. Previously, the only holidays I would decorated for were Halloween and Christmas but this kid has me decorating for all of them. I was so surprised at how excited he was when he seen the Halloween decorations this past October. He was just over a year and a half but nothing got past him. He smiled in delight at each pumpkin and ghost that was hung up. He also had to show everyone who came over all the things. His favourite by far were the stick on decals placed festively on the mirrors, oh did he ever love them. As a parent, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to see that smile and to make your kid happy. So here I am, heart in hand and decorating for Valentine’s Day. I’m not one for Valentine’s Day but my world is different now. I do it all for him and if sticking hearts all over the house makes him giddy with joy then bring it on.

Our heart decals didn’t seem like enough, something was missing. Then it hit me, we needed a little yarn to complete our celebration of love. I thought it best to hook a little love into our Valentine’s decor and remembered a pattern from one of my crochet books.

This is one of the first crochet books I bought and still by far my favourite. The patterns are well written and easy to follow. Plus the finished product almost always turns out identical to the pictures which is an added bonus!

I was on a quest to create the cutest crochet hearts for my little guy, like I said anything to see that smile. I never thought I would be crocheting hearts for Valentine’s Day but after having made this beauty I wish I would have done it sooner. It is so dainty and sweet. You could get away with hanging it up all year round.

The book has patterns for both small and large sized hearts which is perfect for adding some dimension into the garland. I went with pink yarn for the small hearts and red yarn for the large ones.

I measured out the width of the window I was wanting to hang my finished garland from to get an idea about how many hearts I would need to hook, as well as the length of the garland itself. I used white yarn for the base of the garland and did a chain stitch all the way along until I got to the desired length.

I am feeling all the love and it reminds me that we need to show love all year round, not just once a year. Every day can be love day if we all show some kindness.

How can you not feel all the feels when you see this beauty hanging in the window?! Add to that a little finger pointing eagerly with the biggest smile of life and I am in heaven 🙂


It is the perfect compliment to the heart decals and most importantly it is kid approved. What are you waiting for?! Get out there and hook up some love. Happy Love Day!!


Give Thanks

I am still in amazement by how quickly this year has flown by. I think I have said it before but I will say it again, having a kid really gives time new meaning. You can see it go by as you watch your child grow, month after month and year after year. There are moments I want to bottle up forever and wish I could halt time so I could stay in the moment even longer. It’s a good reminder to enjoy the little things. I say this as I sit amongst a messy house because I took some extra time to laugh a little longer with my Oliver. These moments are precious and they won’t last forever. There will come a day I won’t be as funny and tickle time will become a thing of the past so the dishes can wait as we laugh and play a little longer today.

Days like today make me so thankful for the life I have and for my family. With Thanksgiving quickly ahead, if you are Canadian that is, tis the season to stop and give extra thanks. The best way to celebrate, in my opinion, is through sharing food with those you love. I am excited for this time of year once again, we can sit around and share stories of our favourite memories, share good food and make new favourite memories. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about how much I love the holidays, this one especially. The weather is getting colder which also means more inspiration for making all the cozy things. It was these feelings that got me motivated to make this next crochet creation.

I am in love with my little pumpkin patch, they are so much fun to make. Don’t be fooled, if you can crochet in the round then you got this! Give it a try, you won’t regret it. These beauties are the perfect decor to add to the table centrepiece this Thanksgiving. I found the pattern on Pinterest and the best part is that they provide a pattern for two different sizes.

I decided to make two pumpkins in two different sizes. I also opted to make a white pumpkin just for something different.

I love how they turned out and have received lots of compliments. These beauties are also perfect to have out during Halloween as well. You could use some felt and make it a Jack o Lantern, so many creative possibilities.

I may have a couple of these pumpkins at my next craft show on October 14th at W.H. Ford school so if you are in the area come by and say hi! Oh and another thing I am thankful for, you! Thanks for taking a read and following my blog. You all make my heart full of thanks!


A rug for a bug

I can’t tell you how long I have had this yarn laying around. It has sat so patiently in my yarn stash just waiting to be picked. I bought it with good intentions months ago and as life goes I found myself not having enough time. That’s the thing with hooking, you go into a store and find so many wonderful yarns and ideas come flooding in making your soul smile. You cave and decided okay what’s a few more going to hurt? Plus, I don’t have one like this and I need it….. not sure for what but I just do! You excitedly take it home and then it sits, the longer it does the more it looses the twinkle it once had. The inspiration quickly fades.

I have never worked with such chunky yarn before but I was in love. Plus I had purchased a jumbo sized hook months prior and it had been waiting for this size of yarn. I had originally bought this yarn with the intention of making my little Oliver a rug for his room. He likes to sit by his stuffies and look at his books. I thought a rug would be the perfect accent to complete his reading corner.

I found a very helpful pattern on pinterest. The pattern provided some of the basics on how to crochet a rug, as well as different variations depending on what stitch you wanted to use. It also gave some really good pointers such as, did you know if you are hooking away and your rug starts to curl up you just have to add an extra stitch or two to make it lay flat?! I love helpful tips like this! The pattern had this and a few other helpful pointers that will come in handy should you choose to make yourself a rug.

I worked on this rug while my little bug slept, above is my work station. Gone are the days of an organised craft room and here are the days of crafting anywhere you can, while you can. I was quickly interrupted but I didn’t mind 🙂

The great thing about using a jumbo crochet hook is that it makes for a quick project. I was able to complete this rug all in one day, which made me wonder why I didn’t just get it done from the start, sigh oh wells! The important thing is that I was able to put this beautiful yarn to good use.

It’s perfect for little toes and little bums to sit on while they read or snuggle with their favourite stuffy.

A basket full of love, most of them crocheted for my little guy. My heart is a flutter every time he snuggles one of my creations or sits on the squishy rug I made for him. This is a great project for any level and a perfect way to add a little handmade love to your home. Keep crafting 🙂


Think spring

I’m not sure where you are located on the map but if you are close to the prairies you will have felt my pain this week. On Monday morning the snow graced us yet again with her presence. Like that clingy friend who just won’t go no matter how direct you are, oh and better yet this time she brought her friends; windy, cold and cloudy. Ugh, it’s been a long week trying to stay positive but try as I might it always takes me back a couple steps when we get our clingy friend in the spring. Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon to get snow this late in the game and yes being a prairie girl I should be used to it by now but I don’t think I ever will. That’s why when the weather gets me down I need to find my happy place, that being cozy on the couch with a ball of yarn. I decided to make my own friends to fight back against the snow and her gang, meet; cactus, succulent and flower cactus (okay not original but I am still recovering from the white out).

Thankfully as I write this the snow has melted leaving only a few patches of white as evidence that she was just here. Her friends got the memo as well and left so it’s blue skies and sun all around. It truly does make a difference when the sun is shining and you can once again dance the happy dance while you daydream about all the spring things you can’t wait to do. Having my new friends also helped me get my groove back, I just love them and all their tiny goodness.

So you might be wondering how you too can create some friends of your own, well don’t you fret because I’m about to share all the things. Lets start with friend number 1, Cactus;

I found an easy to follow pattern on Pinterest from a site called la casa de crafts (on my crochet Pinterest board). The pattern, as stated above, is simple and easy to follow. The only thing it didn’t provide was the brown base, aka dirt, so if you are looking for that part it can be found with my second friend, succulent;

5 Little Monsters is where I found this awesome pattern. I know you aren’t supposed to say it out loud but this is by far my favourite friend 😉 The blog post shows some really great variations as well it provides a pattern for the the dirt, so you can add that extra touch. I made an extra dirt patch and gave it to my third friend, flower cactus;

This cactus is fun to make as it allows you to add a splash of colour. I love greenery as I am sure you all know but I also love putting flowers on things! I have a matching one that sits on my night stand, it’s the perfect house plant as you never have to give it anything but your admiration. I posted a pattern for this crochet cactus a while back so if you haven’t yet checked it out now is the time. I wrote it myself so if you are struggling or have any questions please let me know (my email is along the side).

So there you have it folks, another great way to fight through some of life’s set backs while creating some beauty with your own two hands.

For some added fun you can mix things up and paint the ceramic pots in a simple white or add a splash of colour. I painted two of mine, one white as you can see and the other white with a hint of green. I have to say it was relaxing to paint for a change and I can’t wait to paint a few more. If you aren’t a hooker and you are in need of some new friends then check out my Etsy shop, BBCraftlandia, as all three are on there and looking for some TLC.


I say a hip hop….

I’ve been dying to try this jersey style yarn for a while now. I finally got around to picking some up but then it came to deciding what to make. One simply can’t waste good yarn so there it sat for a few weeks as I pondered and dreamed. Then one day the perfect idea hippity hopped into my brain. Yup, it was settled, I was going to attempt to crochet an Easter bunny basket for my baby boy.

I eagerly got on Pinterest and pinned my fav patterns, the only problem being I was using a different weight and style of yarn then recommended by most of the patterns so it would take some patience and thinking to make it work. After several different attempts with different hooks and patterns I finally found one that would fit which I will now share with you. I used the following Easter Bunny Basket Pattern (you can also follow my crochet board on Pinterest) but I changed a few things along the way which I will explain as we go so you too can create this hippity hoppity bunny basket.

To start with I used hook size 8mm instead of the recommended 5mm hook as the yarn I was using was much thicker than what the pattern called for. With my hook in hand I began to follow the pattern starting with the base. I only made one base not two, with the thicker yarn you shouldn’t need to make two bases for the basket. The yarn should be strong enough to hold all their goodies but do what works best for you. I followed the pattern until round 7, I stopped here as the base of my basket was around 9″ which I thought was big enough.

I then moved to the next section of the pattern, the body. Instead of following round 1 (1 sc around) I 1 sc only in the back loop to give the basket a nice edge. I followed round 2 through round 10 but stopped after that. The pattern suggests you go until round 13 but I felt I had enough height in my basket to stop after round 10. The great part of working with thicker yarn is that it tends to builds quickly and really holds its shape.

Are you still with me? If it’s not making sense please send me an email and I will be happy to help. I was really impressed with the jersey yarn and would highly recommend it. It makes a beautiful basket and could be left as is, if it wasn’t for the Easter bunny coming I would have done just that.

Next up are the handles, I opted to only make one handle. Instead of finishing off your yarn at round 10 keep the hook in and proceeded to stitch 3 HDC, turn and do 3 HDC. Continue going back and forth (3 HDC each way) until you get a long enough handle for the basket.

Once you get the length you prefer you can attach it directly across to the other side of the basket using a SS. Then you can finish off the ends and start on the bunny ears. For the ears I followed the pattern and they turned out perfectly. You can attach them once you are done with a SS at the top. I used yarn for the eyes instead of the buttons as I didn’t want my little to try and put them in his mouth. I added a cute yarn nose to match using Charisma Loops and Threads for both.

For the bunny cheeks I followed the pattern with the same yarn, Charisma Loops and Threads, but stopped after round 1. The yarn is a bit thicker then what’s suggested so I found them to be the ideal size after just 1 round.

I was really happy with how it was coming together thus far but something was missing….something fluffy. I decided I needed to add a squishy tail because what’s a bunny without the cute poof. I made a pompom for the tail and here are the end results.

So there you have it folks, a hip hoppity bunny basket. I hope ya’ll have just as much fun making it as I did. You can even add in a cute bowtie or bow, really anything to make it your own and special for your littles.

Happy Easter friends 🙂