Yellow is the colour

You ever start making something, paying close attention to every detail and step in a new pattern, and think to yourself “this is never going to turn out like the picture”. This thought was going through my head like a broken record even before I started this next project. I hadn’t even attempted the pattern but had already begun to accept defeat, for some reason I just couldn’t envision it. I decided to push away the doubt and pick up my hook…..but the thoughts slowly crept back in. I began to feel even more frustrated as I was making it for a special little girl who was turning 3. Grrrr, but I powered on and just trusted that the pattern wouldn’t leave me astray.


In case you are wondering what I am trying to make and for whom well that comes next. I have bought a few patterns from The Velvet Acron and I should know from previous experience that they always turn out as beautiful as the pictures in the pattern. They are very well written and I am always impressed with the end results but with anything new there is always doubt and when it is a birthday gift for your niece there is added pressure. First of all I needed to get the right colour and yellow it is. Most people who have been in contact with any 2 going on 3 year old know that they begin to get their own distinct personality which includes likes/dislikes. With this in mind I made a point of making sure I got the colour right because ruining my nieces birthday is not on my list of “to do’s”. The colour of choice was yellow, in fact she loves yellow everything!!! With the colour being on point the rest was up to my fingers and hands to make sure I could crochet an Aura Pullover sweater. Seriously if you haven’t checked out her Etsy shop yet you need to, take a break right now and go take a peek, I’ll wait.


So on I went, self doubt in tow, and I came to the part that I was just not able to envision. That part being the neck opening, for some reason I just couldn’t envision it. Thinking back it was so plainly obvious and simple but at the time I just wasn’t there. It still amazes me how a ball of yarn can turn into something like this…..if you haven’t started hooking yet what are you waiting for?! It’s truly amazing what you are capable of making. Next up was to finish the cowl like neck opening.


The bottom photo is how you work the rows all the way around. I’m not going to lie, I did run out of yarn and couldn’t make it as long as the pattern advised but I think once it’s folded down it still looks pretty darn cute. I ordered the yarn online because I couldn’t find any yellow yarn in the right weight at my local stores and as you already know it HAD to be yellow. So I just accepted defeat when I ran out and made the best of it. I still think it came out on point and way cuter than I initially imagined.


Okay there was one other set back and that was the button choice. I left things too late and didn’t have time to order from my go to button shop, brickbubble, so I had to search high and low at the local stores and this was the best I could come up with. I really wanted a nice earthy toned button but hey sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Things were turning out so wonderfully that I knew no matter what colour the buttons were it wasn’t going to ruin the overall look of the pull over…..so here goes……the final project…..what we have all been waiting for….


Oh wait I forgot one last step before the final reveal,attaching one of my BBCraftlandia custom tag 🙂 Also bought from brickbubble. Okay no more foolin, here she be;


I am so in love with the final product and I hope she is too! At the very least it’s yellow and when you are 2 going on 3 thats all that matters 😉


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks….

Actually her name is Eva and her story has little to do with three bears. The only thing this story shares in common is the finished product which I will explain later on. For now, I want to gush about a little girl named Eva who had her first birthday on January 30th, oh how the time flies!! Though its only been a year so much has changed in her little life. She started out as a curious sweet little baby to, a still curious, little girl who loves to dance to the beat of her own heart and who loves kitties. It made my heart happy every time she smiled at me and walked around like she drank too much wine. I was also filled with laughter and joy every time she waved her little finger in the air saying “no no no”, she was already laying down the law with Aunty. She stole my heart the moment I held her in my arms and my love for her grows by the day. I feel blessed to call her my niece and I look forward to the next dance we will share and the stories we will read about kitties.

I came across a pattern a while ago and thought it was the cutest but didn’t really see a purpose for making it until now. It’s a fitting gift for a little girl who lives on the prairies, it is sure to keep her little cheeks warm from the cold winter’s wind. I bought the pattern from an Etsy store named The Velvet AcornIf you are a hooker or a knitter you should check out her site, it has some amazing patterns and even some finished products for purchase. I must say that the model she uses is adorable as well!!! It’s much harder to crochet items for little ones when you don’t have a mini model yourself. I decided to follow the instructions that were recommended for toddlers instead of chancing it not fitting her or only fitting her for one season.

FullSizeRender (23)

I used the yarn recommended in the pattern which was Lions Brand Wool-Ease. It provided a great texture and warmth.

FullSizeRender (24)

I spent this past weekend crocheting away and decided that this crochet project needed an accessory so I went to Etsy and took a peek. My go to accessory is always a comfy pair of shoes and since the little one can’t get enough of walking around I naturally thought she needed her own pair of moccasins. I found a Canadian store on Etsy named Ullaaviggo that has the most unique baby/children’s moccasins I have ever seen. They looked like a comfortable fit and I loved the style, so I went ahead and got a little pair to match the hooded bear cowl I was making.

FullSizeRender (25)

I just needed to add some finishing touches and I would be done. The pattern made this project fun as it was easy to follow and had clear instructions. I highly recommend getting the patterns as it also has instructions for child, teen and adult sizes.

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)

I can’t wait to see my little niece all snuggled up in her bear cowl with her matching moccasins! The cowl may be a little big for her now but at the rate she is growing she will fit it in no time! I wish you the happiest first birthday little one, Aunty loves you very much and can’t wait to give you the biggest hug and get little Eva kisses on the cheek in return.

*The season of Love is coming up and it may have you feeling all twitterpated. If so, well crafting probably isn’t the answer, but you can try crafting your way to that special someone’s heart. Stay tuned and follow along for some crafting inspired by the season*


On the Third Week Before Christmas….

This time of year I turn into the biggest kid ever, I can hardly wait to spend the holidays with my family and friends and of course to try and catch the big guy in the red suit coming down the chimney….maybe one day! This Christmas is going to be extra special as it will be the first for my darling niece Eva. There is nothing like experiencing the season through a child’s eyes. I still remember being a little one and feeling the anticipation of Christmas morn. In a way it’s a little like being tortured. Think about it, you have to stare at beautifully wrapped gifts meant for you for weeks at a time. It’s like your mom or dad putting a piece of cake in front of you and saying “don’t eat this, I want you to just look at it until the fat guys says so”. It’s hard enough to wait for recess when you are a kid let along an entire month before you can open your gifts. If you were like me you had those guilty moments of snooping around your parents room to try and find your gifts early and pondering if you could open them and wrap them back up so no one would notice. There are many lessons to be learnt in life and though at times it may seem unfair I think this time of year taught me the art of patience and appreciation.  It’s a great time of year to appreciate all that you have and to remember to give back. As an adult I can say I truly feel it is better to give than to receive. There is no greater gift then the gift of love, kindness and understanding. It’s a gift we can give all year round but especially during this time of year! So my little Eva these next few lines are for you;

“On the Third Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for me,

The Sweetest Santa Hat”

That’s right my little Santa Baby, I put my hooking talents to use to craft you the perfect little holiday outfit which I hope you will like;

FullSizeRender (4)



Christmas crafting wouldn’t be complete without an Aunty Project! I used the following pattern for the little slippers and this one for the Santa hat (I added three extra rows of sc stitching at the ended and switched out the red for the white yarn as well as added the pompom). To all my hookers out there or wannabe hookers, this is a great holiday treat for any little one(s) in your life. Now having finished I am even more excited for Christmas. To all my fellow Christmas junkies out there take a listen to this next jam as you are the only ones who will understand this holiday tune because we all wish it was Christmas Today!!!!!!

*This is the last week my Etsy Store BBCraftlandia will be open before it closes for the holiday season*


Aunty Project: Halloween Cuteness

Sometimes I miss being young….okay most days I miss it. You could daydream the day away and the most you had to worry about was what troll you were going to take to school that day, ahhh the good ol’days. One of my favourite time of year, besides Christmas of course, was Halloween. On no other day could you dress up in a silly costume and take candy from a stranger! I would plan months in advance as to what I would be for Halloween and now that I am older I still dress up every once and a while but the neighbours always seem to have an attitude when I knock on their door for candy, “what I’m dressed up?!”. Halloween is a month away but it is never too early to start planning, this was my inspiration for my next Aunty project.

I wanted to crochet my little niece something special for her first Halloween. When I first started hooking a friend posted a link on my Facebook wall for a cabbage patch doll hat pattern. I remember gazing at it and knowing there was no way I would be able to pull that off, maybe one day I thought. Well that one day has come back around because I made it my mission to make a cute little cabbage patch doll hat for my real life dolly Eva. I found a great pattern on Pinterest, the instructions were easy to follow and also included some great tutorials. The most challenging part by far with this pattern is the little curly loops around the bottom of the hat. I found a helpful tutorial which I highly recommend if you are wanting to make your own. All I can say is thank goodness for YouTube and all those lovely crafters out there that share their wisdom, I couldn’t do it without you!!

After a few struggles here and there I finally completed my dolly costume for my niece and I sat in awe. I still look at it and can’t believe I was able to pull it off. By no means is it perfect but I guess I never thought I would be able to complete it and I am so delighted that I did! I hope my little niece Eva is as equally delighted. I hope you have a fun first Halloween my little dolly! Aunty misses you lots and can’t wait to see some pictures of you all dressed up, oh and one piece of advise, if you get an apple don’t eat it, it’s just insulting and the old lady knows it too.

So here is my completed cabbage patch dolly hat, all that is missing is a cute little outfit to go with and she will be all set for some Halloween fun!



If you yourself have a little dolly in your life that would look perfect in this little hat take a peek at my Etsy shop, BBCraftlandia, as I made an extra one for your little one 😉 You can also follow my blog by clicking on the “follow” button along the side, as well you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Aunty Project: A Dolly For a Dolly – Part 3

Well the day has finally come, the big reveal if you may, it is part 3 of my Aunty project and I am so excited to share with you the end result of my crochet creation. I have to admit, when I got to the point I had to crochet the hair on the dolly’s head I was seriously doubting my doll making skills. I am not sure why the hair scared me so but I remember a few dolls I had as a kid that had the odd bald patch on the back of their heads and to this day it still gives me nightmares!! The Red Apple or Saan store special I am sure and don’t get me wrong mom I appreciated the thought of you buying me something special and after years of therapy I can now forgive you for your terrible parenting decision. The nightmares are all that I have left but hopefully one day I will be free of them….one day…..I am happy to say this little dolly has no signs whatsoever of a bald patch! She has one full head of hair, phew, I know right?! Here is a tutorial I used that really helped me in creating a wicked sick flow for my dolly, just in case you are feeling inspired to start “hooking”. This is one of the proudest moments I have had since I first picked up my crochet hook and decided that “hooking” would be part of my life. I am truly proud of the end result and have a new found respect for all the crocheters out there who make these dolls for it is no easy task and is very time consuming.

So here you have it folks, my first attempt at a crochet dolly. This little dolly was made, with love, for another very special dolly otherwise know as my niece, Eva, this one’s for you my dear;

photo (17) photo 2 (18) photo 1 (15) I was contemplating making another dolly for myself, is that weird?! Maybe a little but you have to admit she is pretty darn cute!! This is one crochet project I am going to try and perfect a bit more as I am hoping to add this crochet creation to my online store which will be opening this fall, so stay tuned or better yet follow along.


Aunty Project: A Dolly For a Dolly – Part 2

Welcome back, this is part 2 of my Aunty project. I hope it will be as riveting as the first part and if not….well you are already here so you might as well keep reading! Part 2 of my project will focus on creating some cute accessories to accompany my little dolly. I didn’t want to follow the pattern completely (see part 1 for the pattern) as I wanted to  make it my own as well I wanted to go with a ballerina theme.

I had been itching to make a tutu from the moment I came across a pin for a DIY tutu on Pinterest so it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to test my tutu making abilities. The pin is great as it shows how to make a tutu by using a sew free method. The pin, of course, is meant to be used to make a child/toddler sized tutu but it is simple enough to follow to create any size. If you yourself have ever wondered how to create a tutu the time to do it is now, so simple and so much fun to make! And hey if you are into wearing tutu’s yourself, even better, treat yo self!

Here is what I used to make a tutu fit for a dolly;

photo 1 (14)

And this was the end result, too-too cute if you ask me;

photo 2 (17)

The second accessory I needed for my dolly creation to be completed was a cute headband to pull back her soon to be beautiful brown locks. I didn’t follow a pattern for this one but it is really easy to piece together. I previously posted about an Aunty project I did a while ago in which I made some headbands for my niece. I simply used the same technique only made it much smaller. On the post I also had a link for a great crochet bow tutorial which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

Here is the mini headband I crocheted for my dolly;

photo 3 (7)

I am really impressed with how the accessories turned out, they turned out better than I expected for a first attempt. The pattern I followed for the crochet dolly also shows a pattern for a crochet dress which can be used if you aren’t wanting to create your own theme, it looked like it would be just as sweet.

The next few steps will be key, as I need to ensure I sew all the pieces together perfectly as well create a nice head of hair for my dolly because lets face it, the hair is going to either make or break it!! Wish me luck as I may need it and stay tuned for my next post as I will be revealing the end result of my Aunty project. You will either be amazed, as will I, or you will get a good laugh. Either way, it’s worth checking out 🙂

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Aunty Project: A Dolly For a Dolly – Part 1

I was feeling a little ambitious and inspired by all the wonderful pictures I have been seeing lately of crochet dolls. I am still amazed by what some can do with a hook, there are some seriously talented crafters out there! My ambitiousness came at a great time as I was also in need of my next Aunty project and felt I was up for the challenge. Like most things in life I probably should have given it a bit more thought and care but nope, I just dove right in. I found a great pattern on Pinterest, and got right to work. The pattern is a bit of a liar as it states it is great for a first time crochet project, as well that it is skill level “easy” and to that I give a good old fashion “pfft” and a “shhhaaa right”. Okay I admit I am exaggerating slightly 😉 but I must say it really gave me a greater appreciation for all those crocheters out there who make these cute dolly’s on the daily. You have to be patient, detail orientated and again patient. I found it challenging mostly because you have to keep a close count and for someone with my attention span it is almost impossible, that along with my short memory equals disaster! I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast the other day let alone remember what stitch count I am on, ugh life gets rough in your 30s…..

As this project entails precise counting and attention to detail I thought it best to not rush and to give it the attention it deserves, especially because I was also hoping to give it to my little niece once I completed it. I didn’t want her to look at it and be horrified, you know those “nailed it” posts, when you attempt to make what seems to be a simple task and usually comes with straight forward instructions but when you try and it looks nothing like the end result in the picture?! Yeah I really didn’t want my little Eva to remember me as the crazy Aunty who made her that doll that gave her nightmares at night, so I am going to be doing this project in three parts so please bare with me. I don’t mean to discourage, I do think that with very little crocheting experience you too could make a loved one, or yourself, a beautiful little dolly!

This is what I started with;

photo 1 (13)

and this is what I ended up with so far;

photo 3 (6)

Scary I know but rest assured it will be a doll in the end….at least I hope, if not then I guess Charlie gets a new toy 😉 I am a firm believer of sharing your art and creations but at the same time making it your own so I won’t be following the pattern to the exact details. Instead, I am going to lean more towards a ballerina theme for my dolly. I will be making a little tutu for her along with some cute hair accessories.

Make sure you are following my blog so you can catch the next part of this Aunty project, good or bad I hope you are ready to go sail or go down with this ship! You can also creep me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, click on the icons along the side and they will take you directly to my pages. Happy crafting and remember when life gets you down turn that smile upside down and put a flower on it 😉

photo 2 (16)