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In case you area wondering who this crafting wierdo is who can’t spell I thought I would take some time to explain “who I be”. I never realized how challenging it would be to try and put together a short post on who I am but it has proved to be quite the process. It’s difficult to sum up everything that makes you….well you. I feel we are constantly changing, I mean the core essence of who we are remains consistent but I feel our interest, goals, and wants change as we grow as individuals. It is hard to answer the question of “who I be” but I will focus on who I am at this present time and a bit about how I got here.

Presently I am 31 years old and I live in Vancouver. I like long walks on the beach, afternoon naps and late night cuddles…wait this is sounding more like a single’s dating site so let me start again. Ahem, My name is Brette and I am around 30 years old. I currently live in Vancouver but I am originally from Regina, Saskatchewan and I will always be a prairie girl at heart. I will forever be grateful for growing up in such a wonderful community, yes it is cold BUT nothing can replace the warmth of the people from Saskatchewan. There is such a sense of welcoming, whether it be in the kindness of a stranger’s smile or in the friendly wave of a neighbour, it will always feel like home to me. We are also some of the toughest people around, you shouldn’t mistake our kindness for a weakness! We live in some of the harshest weather conditions and we do it all with a smile…..well maybe not in -40 degrees but most days 😉 As well, if you haven’t experienced the spirit of the Rider fans at a home game and the quiet beauty of a sunset on the Prairies then you really need to go for a visit. There is nothing else quite like it.

I live in Vancouver and have now for two years. I live with my two best friends, my boyfriend Dave and dog Charlie. Two years ago we got this urge to pack it all in and take an adventure. Some people are content with what they have seen and others yearn to see more and that is very much the type of people we are. This sense of yearning has led us to the West Coast, bye bye Saskatchewan Champagne (aka Pilsner) and hello craft ale. It has been a very challenging yet rewarding experience. If you haven’t had that “holy shit what have I done” moment in life I highly recommend you give it a try. Our moment came the first night we arrived here, there we were, two young kids from the Prairies driving into the big city of Vancouver. Excitement was gleaming in our eyes….until we took a look around, we were driving along East Hastings and that’s when reality really sank in. Excitement quickly turned to “holy shit” and I could hear Dorothy’s voice in my head “Toto I have a feeling we aren’t in Kansas any more.”

At first I found the city to be very frigid, nothing like the warmth of Saskatchewan where you smile at strangers, nope! Here only the crazy ones smile back and no offence to the crazy ones, it’s just that I have enough crazy of my own. After time had settled, I started to feel inspired. I found myself becoming more curious about how things were made and I started to get creative, something I had previously ignored. I find this city to be very inspiring and it never questions or asks “why”, it always seems to ask “why not” which I love! Eventually I had met and had the privileged of working with some very incredible individuals. It made me realize that this city does have heart you just have to look a bit harder but it’s there,it’s just a little guarded. I am forever grateful for having this experience and I feel I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for this city and the people within it. I am learning not to apologize for not wanting what is within the box of life, for most of what I want is outside of the box. I hope to never take that for granted. There is something to be said about having the opportunity to live here, yes it is the second most expensive city to live in the world, but being able to live so close to the mountains, the ocean and Starbucks is priceless 😉 I am not sure where I will end up but I am sure that I will always take this experience with me.

All of this has contributed to my decision, as well as some encouragement from my boyfriend, to start a blog to share what I love with my family and friends and anyone else who loves to craft. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and continue to learn and grow with me 🙂 So I guess this is “who I be.”



I just wanted to add a quick update and share that my shop was featured on a segment done by Global BC this past December (2015). Global BC was featuring local Etsy shops and I was asked to participate. I was very excited and proud to be part of it, click on the link below and see if you can tell which item is mine;



I think it’s about time I catch you all up on what’s new with this crafting weirdo. A lot has happened since I first started my blog three years ago. It has been a wonderous journey, one filled with set backs, failure, happiness, joy, challenges, and fear but I wouldn’t change a thing. With failure comes growth and I have had my fair share along the way, I have also had a lot of joy and happiness throughout as well. I guess we have to have the bad otherwise we would never know when we have the good…..says my internal dialogue as I’m trying to cope with a bad day.

I have always been inspired by the West Coast and that was why I was so hesitant when we decided to move back to the Prairies. It was during our big move out West that I first discovered my love of the hook. The first year was probably the hardest and where I experienced one of my lowest moments. I was depressed, job less and completely lost. It was during this time that I discovered my love and passion of crafting, specifically hooking. I am a lover of Christmas, as you might have already guessed, and the thought of not being able to buy gifts due to being unemployed broke my heart a little. Yes, I know the holiday is about more than the commercialism it’s commonly associated with. It’s about being with the ones you love, blah blah blah, yes I get all of that but for me it’s also the one time of the year I get to show those whom I adore and love how much they mean to me. If that means spoiling them or doing something special for them then guilty as charged. The thought of not being able to do this made my heart hurt though I knew those I loved would completely understand. I decided to make gifts that year and for some reason I can’t quite remember exactly how the idea popped into my head but I was determined to learn how to crochet and make everyone mittens, mittens for all and to all a good night! I got on YouTube and watched a sweet old lady by the name of Anne, I believe that was her name though I have never been good with names, and the rest was history. I was instantly hooked, pun intended 😉

So back to the Prairies we went but our journey had just began as our little family went from three (yes I’m including our fur baby here) to four. Our little Oliver blessed us with his presence in late March of this year. Sometimes these moments reinforce just how important family is. My partner and I both knew that we needed to be closer to family and friends if we were going to give our little one the best life we could, two each their own, but I also really needed my mom!! Going from Brette to mom in one day was overwhelming and also the best day of my life. I was and still am so proud to be his mommy and wouldn’t change anything about my life but I was afraid…..deep deep down I wondered how I could still be me, could I still be me and be a mom? As it turns out, it doesn’t happen over night as your whole life belongs to this little demanding human but over time you find little moments to squeeze in the things you love which as it turns out make you a better mommy.  I am slowly getting there, it’s a constant cycle of feeling like I got my shit together to crying in a corner feeling defeated and like I’m the worst mom. It’s seriously the hardest job of life, seriously go and hug or call your moms right now and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. I’ll wait here until you are done……

So this is me, still crafting, still blogging, still trying to make my crafting dreams come true but now I have the honour of adding mom to that list. I hope you all continue this journey with me and know just how much you mean to me. Your love and support keeps me going.






4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You be my buddy! No matter how much you change your mind, start from scratch, walk in circles, bang your head on the wall, do crazy amazing impulsive things! You be my buddy. And you’re nutty. You’re also inspiring, crazy wonderful, beautiful, and just pure sunshine 🙂 no matter where you are or what you’re doing or how cold you think -7 is, you’ll always be pure sunshine! Great picture! Fabulous post!

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