Renewed inspiration

Every once and a while we lose sight of our path in life. We are humming along “la la la” minding our own business and look down only to find the path we had assumed we would still be on is no where to be found. A quick turn to the left and then the right still leaves us bewildered as we struggle to see where we went awry. Life is funny that way, we are chugging along and then boom!!!!! we are on our assess wondering which way is up. Recently this has been my life, between adulting, being a mom, and trying to do renos around the house I slowly started to lose sight of my path. My path had become covered in baby food, poo, dirt, negative energy, I mean you name it and it was probably somewhere on my now unrecognizable path. Sometimes we are meant to take the road less travelled and maybe that’s why life interferes but every now and again it is our own doing that leaves us astray. Between my daily routine and daily fixing around the house I put down my hook in order to get things taken care of. Whenever this happens, as it often does, I start to lose that creative energy. I love being creative especially for self care purposes, it makes me feel whole and restored. I didn’t know how lost I really was until our recent trip to Vancouver;

The combined smells of the ocean, the soil and the delicious foods flooding the streets brought me back to life! It was exactly what I never knew I needed at that moment in time. I needed to feel alive and inspired.

Vancouver will always feel like home to me and be very close to my heart for it was the place that truly inspired me to start crocheting and expressing myself creatively. When we first moved there five years ago I thought I was on top of the world, I was so excited for this new adventure. It didn’t take too long for life to knock me over and laugh it’s evil laugh “bahahahah”, the excitement had been wiped away and I was left wondering what the hell I was doing in this unknown city. I was stuck at a job I hated and I felt so alone. I eventually found the courage to do something I had never done before which was up and quit a job before I had found a new one but I did it and it felt gooooodddd!!!!! Though after my last pay cheque dwindled away and the reality of the job market sunk in I wasn’t feeling as good but I had no regrets. I was at my lowest moment in life, jobless in a new city and feeling even more alone than ever. I’m not sure where I got the initial idea from but one day I decided I needed to try something new…..something soft and snuggly….I walked around Micheals with my last few bucks in hand and found the yarn isle. It was like it was calling my name, like Golome to the ring, I found myself petting all the yarn saying “my precious”. Okay, maybe not that creepy but I was in love and I knew I had to make all the things.

From then on I was hooked. I found that I got a lot of my inspiration from nature, especially when we would get lost in the forest. I loved the colours, the smells, the dampness and the feeling of being so small is something that was so wonderfully mysterious and bigger than myself. I was so happy with my new found creative outlet as it would allow me to create some warm cozy goodness for my loved ones at Christmas. By the time I knew it I had landed a great job, had started a blog and was creating all day every day. My circle of friends had grown and I was finally feeling at home in a place I so desperately wanted to be part of. Not only did the city accept me but it brought out the best in me. Through being on an unknown and messy path I had found so much more than I would have if I would have stayed on the one laid out in front of me, you know that clean one that is safe and never changes. It was comfortable but I was only existing and not truly living until I had been thrown from my safely net to my new found path. Being back in Vancouver this past week has got me feeling all kinds of inspired and I feel like me again and ready to put time aside to create.

Life can get messy but we need to set time aside each day to feed our souls, whatever it might be, find it and remember it when you are feeling lost. Hold it close to light the way back home because we all get a little lost every once and a while.

I have to share this picture and for those who have read my “about me” page and for those who know me personally, you know that our son Oliver was born in this beautiful city. We had the pleasure of touring around with him and I have to say my new favourite part of visiting our second home was seeing it through his eyes;