Part 3: Frosty the Snowman

Christmas is just around the corner and at this point I’m sure your feet are up, the eggnog is flowing and you are glowing from the roaring fire as you reward yourself for finishing all your shopping and baking on time as per usual… Okay, me neither!! It always seems I start off with the best intentions and always fall short of my goal for a December free of the hustle and bustle. Oh well, tis the season, I guess.

I hope this next post comes in handy for the last minute gift exchange you forgot about, or crafting with the kids, or maybe just to keep and hang on your tree. This Christmas craft is just as magical as that old silk hat they found and put on Frosty’s head…..okay maybe not that magical but adorable for sure.

For this next Frosty inspired project you will need the following;


Let’s start by making our snowman a cute winter’s hat. Take the red yard (or any colour of your choosing) along with the toilet paper roll. From here you will cut the roll so that you are left with a small circular piece like so;


This will be the base of the hat. Take the red yarn and cut a few strands that will be used to loop around the base. You can use a box or small container to wrap the yarn around to get even strands and to make it a bit easier. Once you have about 25-30 strands around 15-20cm long you can start looping the yarn around the base of the roll.




Go all the way around the roll until you have covered it completely. Once you have done so pull all the yarn ends through the hole of the roll. From here you can use a separate piece of yarn to tie around the end of the yarn to form the top of the hat. You can make it as short or long as you would like.


Once you have the hat the next step is making Frosty which will be made pompom styles. We will be making two different sized pompoms and then glue them together, the bottom one of course being larger than the top. There are lots of different methods to making a pompom so please feel free to use whatever method you prefer. I usually cut a piece of yarn, roughly about 15cm or so, and put it aside. I then proceed to wrap the yarn around my hand about 115-120 times (for the larger pom);


Once you have gone around the desired amount of times you can cut the yarn end. Then pull the yarn off of your hand and lay it in the centre of the separate piece you cut and placed aside previously. From here tie a tight knot around the yarn to hold it in place. Then you can cut all the loops so they separate and start to from the pompom;


You can trim the pom to look however you would like, fluffy or short, the fun is in making it your own. I used the same technique for the top pom only I went around about 60 times instead of 115-120 as with the larger pom. Once you have your two poms you can glue them together. Now comes the fun part, glue the hat on top and add whatever else you would like.



There you have it, you are ready to get your frosty on. You can make the hats as separate ornaments if you prefer, either way there is lots of Christmas fun to be had. There is still some time to get your craft on especially if you aren’t feeling the spirit, crafting will always get you there.

This concludes my Christmas crafting for the year. Thanks again for making this a very memorable and rewarding year for me. I enjoy crafting and enjoy it even more when I get to share it with you. Pleases know that I feel all the feels with every “like” on Facebook, “heart” on Instagram and purchase on my Etsy shop. Your support and love makes my heart happy and I appreciate each and every single one of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all in the New Year 🙂

*Inspiration for this project: Frosty and yarn toque/hat




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