It’s all in a leaf

I hope you all have been enjoying the weather as much as I have. The leaves are falling, the sun is dancing and my heart is skipping a beat as I’m so ready for the change in season. In a way it’s sad to say goodbye to summer and to watch those bright green leaves change colour and lay to rest on the damp grass below. Though you don’t have to look far to discover the beauty in the change, it’s all in a leaf. This leaf was once a vibrant green and has now been taken over by a brilliant mix of yellow, orange and brown shades. I wonder if Mother Nature planned it that way to make the change in season less upsetting. It’s hard not to smile as you watch the leaves dance in the wind until they land on the ground below. You can probably tell I don’t have a tree in my yard and do not have the tedious chore of cleaning this beautiful mess. Nope, instead I am the one drinking my cup of joe watching you from my living room window, sitting in my comfy chair, as you resentfully try and clean up Mother Nature’s debris. I may even smile a little when you think you have them all and one more decides to come to the dance party a little late, hehe, I can tell that one leaf bothers you as you decide to leave it and give up for the day…..you probably thought about it all night, oh the torture!!

Yes, most of us find the simple joy in the fall and some of us even craft away our happiness to celebrate the change. I decided to do just that in the form of a wreath. Funny I spent so much time talking about my love of leaves yet there are very little in this wreath….


What it lacks in leaves it makes up for in colour. I wanted to compliment the rich colours in the ribbon while keeping the naturey feel of the wreath. I decided that I needed a simple array of flowers arranged at the top with some greenery hanging softly beside. I tried a new technique this time with my wicker wreath and ribbon;


I really wanted to have the ribbon throughout the wreath and not just in one place. I decided to try and weave it in and out of the wicker base and what I got was something very magical.



I love the whimsical feel of the ribbon being looped around the wreath, it adds a little drama without being overwhelming. I will definitely use this technique again! I hope you will too the next time you feel like getting your craft on. Here is where I would normally say this wreath is now available for purchase on my Etsy shop, BBCraftlandia, but it has already been sold. However, I do have lots of festive goodies available on my shop that are sure to brighten up your homes and keep you cozy.


Two years and going strong

Hey folks, I hope ya’ll are doing great. I know I am! The air is crisp, the sweaters are flowing and I am accompanied by my old friend pumpkin spice, mmmm life is good. I am also doing a happy dance because my Etsy shop is now open, eeek and I am celebrating my second anniversary, woot woot! I am feeling all the feels 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been two years. I love having life goals of making handmade goodies that are fun and cozy, because friends, I care and I want you all to stay warm.

I would like to share some new and updated items this year. To start with, all of my crochet items will come with custom BBCraftlandia tags;


I purchased these beauties from BrickbubbleThey are a local shop from Alberta and they make lots of amazing handmade items, such as wood buttons, custom tags, jewellery and lots more.

Another new feature to my shop is that I have decided to name each piece after a place I love. You will notice when you check out my shop, BBCraftlandia, that each crochet piece is now named after the city or place in which it was inspired.

One of my  new favs is a toque I like to call the Prairie Pom;



I absolutely love this toque and will be posting the pattern soon so you too can hook yourself up one. If you aren’t a hooker then look no further because this beauty can be found on my Etsy shop, it also comes in dark grey, brown and black. This toque lives up to it’s name as it will keep you warm in the harshest weather conditions while keeping a simple elegance. I added the pom pom to keep things fun and fresh. The pom pom was purchased from an Etsy shop in Montreal, PetalleCreations, each one is hand made with faux fur.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I am still working on stocking up my shop so stay tuned as more items will be listed within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you all for following my blog, you have made all my crafting dreams come true 🙂