Light of my life

I have been crafting for a long time now and for the most part do it for fun. It’s what lights up my soul, it ignites my creative juices and sets me on a passionate quest to craft all the things. Not much has changed in this area besides the fact that I have a bigger light inside my soul and each time he smiles at me, reaches for my face and watches me with those blue eyes, that light grows brighter and more intense. How does one craft for this new little light? What do you choose to make for the most important little being in your life?

It was difficult choosing what to make for my little light, Oliver, but I kept things simple though the pressure was on. I really wanted to impress him and make his room feel special. I thought back to my childhood to get inspired and then it hit me plain and simple, why not make the cutest little teddy bear? It’s simple yet symbolic of all things child like and comfy. Who doesn’t remember their first teddy bear and secretly wish they could still give it a squeeze?! No, just me?

It didn’t take long to stumble across a suitable candidate for my little one’s first bear.


He was charming, soothing and seemed to yearn for a little one to watch over. The pattern is by b.hooked crochet The pattern was one of the most amazing ones I have followed thus far, it even had a video to go along with it so you could follow it step by step. I changed a few things to make him one of a kind. I traded the scarf for a bowtie to create a more dapper look and opted out of adding in the felt detailing around the ears and feet. If you are looking to make someone’s day I recommend getting your hook out and stitching this guy up. It came together slowly but it gave me butterflies with each piece I finished. I couldn’t help but imagine my little guy playing with him and squeezing him in delight.


For now he sits eagerly waiting to be played with. I know I will feel the butterflies once again when I see this guy all snug in those squishy baby arms.

I don’t have time to go over all the nursery projects I got up to but I will make a few honourable mentions;


*I made this with the help of Whitney, the maker behind Dreamboat Dreamcatchers. She makes unique dream catchers in all shapes and sizes.


*This beautiful painting was given as a gift by my talented Auntie Sheila (a link to her website can be found along the side).


*I bought this off of an Etsy store called The Freckled Goose I think it speaks for itself.

I  love how everything came together so perfectly. I hope that I have created the perfect space for my little light to grow brighter with each passing day and I can’t wait to watch it all happen 🙂





I’m back folks….

Welcome back friends! It’s hard to believe it’s already August, so much has happened in my life. That biggest change of course was when I became  mom to my precious little Oliver. He blessed us with his presence on March 23 at 9:47am and our lives were forever changed.


Most days are a blur and I honestly don’t know where the last 4 months have gone. Now I know most people tell you that “your life will never be the same when you have kids”, I remember rolling my eyes thinking “duh”! But nothing could have prepared me for this mom life; no prenatal classes, no books, no unsolicited advice, nope none of it. I remember being in labour for what felt like forever thinking that maybe there wasn’t a baby inside me after all, but finally he arrived and I got to hold him. I felt so relieved thinking that the hard part was over but boy was I wrong. The hard part seems to really start the moment you get home from the hospital and just continues on from there. I’ll never forget getting home from the hospital and looking at my partner and saying “now what”? It’s terrifying to go from barely managing your own life to taking care of this tiny little human. I have been living in a constant state of fulfilling the needs of the cutest yet most demanding little human I have ever met. I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back and soak it all in for I will never get these moments back and they will be gone before I know it. I don’t want to dwell too much on being a new mom because this space is for creating so I will leave it at this, when people ask what it’s like to be a new mom/parent I sum it up as such “parenting for me is moments of complete adoration and love to crying fits of frustration wondering why your kid is being a jackass”. It’s harsh but true!! I’ve never loved something so much in my life and at the same time been so frustrated, it’s something kind of wonderful.

I would like to start by finishing what I started before I left on my maternity break. I had planned on posting about my crafting projects for the nursery and have picked a couple of my favs to discuss over the next couple of weeks.

I am not one for tradition and I don’t play into genderizing colours and by this I mean I don’t believe in specific colours for girls or boys. Colour is colour and has no basis in gender. No judgement if you do, to each their own. Having said that I wanted the room to be colourful and whimsical, one that ties in a bunch of colour and one that brings in a little taste of Vancouver. I wanted it to be fun and a land where the dreamer can rest their weary head. To create this feel I had images of hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling and then from there fluffy white clouds. I mean what dreamer or child for that matter, doesn’t spend their time gazing up at those puffy white clouds in wonder. It’s always exciting when you realise you have that “ah ha” idea and even better when you find the perfect pattern to make it happen.

FullSizeRender (64)

I picked up this crochet book a while back when I was in Chicago and I highly recommend it. Inside I found the perfect pattern for a crochet hot air balloon. The balloons were a good choice as they gave life to the walls and added dimension into the room.


The thing I loved about this project is that you can pick any colour of colours you want for the balloon(s). I had fun playing around with it but settled on black and white for one and grey and yellow for the other. If you are new to hooking don’t be discouraged, as long as you can work in the round and know some basic techniques you got this.


Nothing could prepare me for the moment my little one looked up and noticed them in sheer delight, he just sat in my arms silently and watched them dance with the breeze from the air conditioner. My heart was a flutter and all the hours spent planning and crafting were instantly worth it. I would make a thousand more if he asked me to if it meant I got to hold him and see that look of wonder on his face.