New Year = New Beginnings

Welcome back friends! I hope you and yours had a safe and merry holiday season. Alas the time has come to start a new year and with this new year comes a theme. Last year it was all about the green as I tried to incorporate more crafting projects that brought in some of Mother Nature’s goodness. This year I am inspired by new beginnings, specifically the new chapter our little family is starting which involves getting ready to welcome our newest addition into the world. That’s right we are expecting a little bundle of joy this March;


As you can see Charlie is excited about being a big brother 😉

Like all new parents to be I go through moments of pure happiness and the next pure terror. The thought of being a parent for the first time can be a scary thing as you have no idea what to expect regardless of how many books you read. I equate it to my university days, I read, studied and thought I was prepared to take on the world and start my career but the very moment I started my first job after graduating it all went flying out the window. It was as if all those years of studying were erased from my mind and I was starting over, trying not to let anyone around me realize I was an idiot and had fooled them into hiring me. You can muddle your way through some things in life but having to take care of and shape a little person is terrifying, there is so much more involved. I really started to think more about it when I ventured into my 7th month and could barely see my toes let alone touch them. I’m going to have a mini human that will rely on me for everything, I will have to some how ensure they turn into a good, loving and decent person. No one wants to look at a kid that they have invested years of trying to steer in the right direction and think “wow, you are kind of a dick, where did I go wrong?” That’s a lot to take in! What if I don’t know what to do? How often do you bath a baby? What if I don’t hear it wake up in the middle of the night? What if the baby doesn’t like me? All these thoughts roll into my mind on and off, it’s a curse to be an over thinker! To calm myself down I remember that it’s always a good sign before any major life event to be nervous and curious so I’m not too concerned…..yet anyways 😉

The majority of my time is spent with wondrous thoughts as I try and picture what the little one will look like and what their tiny personality will develop into. Will they be bossy like mom, or sweet like dad, or maybe the best of both? Hopefully the last one as I don’t think I would be able to handle a mini me. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a monster growing up but I’m sure I was challenging to deal with at times and probably still am a bit today. I can be bossy, stubborn, fiery and assertive, sometime all at once. The thought of all of that bundled up into a cute version of myself is a little alarming but whatever life gives us we will be grateful and appreciate the blessing we have been given.

From now until the end of February, when I will be taking a mini break, I will be posting some of the crochet and craft projects I will be taking on as I prepare the little one’s nursery with the final reveal at the end. I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. A big thank you to all my blog followers for walking with me thus far, I appreciate each and every one of you!

*My etsy store, BBCrafltandia, will be re-opening soon but will be closing for a mini break as well at the end of February. From now until then I will be having a sale on all items, use the coupon code NEWBEGINNINGS to receive 20% off.*