Week Two of my Favourite Things

This year I am feeling on top of everything, from my Christmas party planning, gift giving and decorating but as the weeks get closer to the big day I realize what little time I have left to prepare. It’s usually the little things that I forget and have to scramble to prepare last minute, I mean tis the season right? Some things are bound to be forgotten but you don’t want to be the only one at your Christmas party without an ugly Christmas sweater. Gone are the days of wearing our best to a holiday party and here are the tacky, fun, so cute it’s ugly, sweater days and I love it. Week two of my favourite things is all about getting you ready to rock that tacky sweater around the Christmas tree. Keeping in theme with last week it will be sung to the tune of “these are a few of my favourite things“;

“Gold coloured tinsel and red reindeer noises
Kitties with red hats eating cheeseburgers
Snowflakes glued on and bright light up sweaters
These are a few of my favorite things”

 Ahhh yes, I love them all and the uglier the better! This is my kind of party. To help you get your ugly on this season I am going to recommend some of my favourite stores;

There’s still time to get your festive ugly on but don’t wait too long! Even Charlie is ready to boogie on down to his favourite Christmas tune, Jingle Bells;



“When the colours clash, when the glue won’t hold
When I’m feeling mismatched
I simply remember my favorite sweater
And then I don’t feel so bad.”

*I will be emailing a special promotion for my Etsy store to show my appreciation so make sure you are following my blog to be included. My Etsy store, BBCraftlandia, will be closed for the season on Dec. 6 to ensure orders arrive before the big day*


Week One of My Favourite Things

I enjoy crafting this time of year the most. I am filled with so much Christmas cheer I can barely stand it! I decided I had to share. From now until the big day I will be blogging about a few of my favourite things to the tune of…..yup you guessed it “These are a few of my favourite things”. If you aren’t familiar with this tune or if you just want to get your holiday boogy on then click on the link and take a listen. I have changed some of the lyrics to give you a hint about this weeks favourite thing, see if you can take a guess;

“Snowflakes on pine cones and top hats on snowman
Bright shiny berries and warm woollen scaves
Green festive pine tied up with red ribbon
These are a few of my favorite thing”

Have any guesses? This week it’s all about those jolly wreaths that we use to welcome our guests and to keep our homes looking their best. I love seeing all the decorated doors getting into the Christmas spirit with some festive greenery. The best part of all is that there are so many wonderful ways to decorate a wreath. This holiday season I tried to combine both my loves, florals and hookin, and came up with this familiar face;



Isn’t he just the cutest?! I have to say it was a challenge to make but well worth it in the end. I got my inspiration from the following crochet book but I changed a few things to keep it original;

FullSizeRender (82)

For all my fellow hookers I definitely recommend this book, it has some really fun and unique projects fit for the season. If you enjoy a more traditional look this next one might be more suited to you; 


I love using traditional colours and adding in some woodsy themed décor like pine cones and berries. If I could I would have made a few more as once you make one the ideas seem to come pouring in. Both of these jolly wreaths are available for purchase on my Etsy store BBCraftlandiaIf you prefer to get your Christmas craft on then these next few links are for you;

Yarn Themed

Wicker Christmas

Grinch Themed

I also want to mention a few of my favourite stores;

Pretty Yarn Cute

Golden Afternoon Shop

And there you have it folks, stay tuned for more of my favourite things! Remember to follow along if you enjoy reading my blog 🙂 Next week there will be a special promotion for blog followers only so make sure that includes you! I will leave you with this….

“When the glue burns, when the ribbon falls
When I’m crafting like mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad”



All about the cozy

The time has come to put away the ghosts and goblins for yet another year. Gone is one holiday as we wait for the next which is always the hardest part, especially for us Christmas nuts! We can be impulsive in our Christmas decorating and can sometimes start too early with all our bottled up festive cheer. Yes November 1st is too early to put up the Christmas tree, alas we must wait. Myself, I usually wait until after Remembrance Day to start slowly rolling out the Christmas gear and yes these next couple of weeks will be painful. I decided I needed to ease the pain with some crafting that focused on preping my home for the cozy nights ahead. Today’s post is all about just that so put away those pumpkin pie candles and bring on the apple spice and cinnamon. Get your place feeling the cozy with this next do it yourself project. We are going to get our cup o’cheer on!

You have probably seen the cups decorated using sharpie makers on Pinterest and thought “what a great idea” but never got around to attempting it. I hope this post inspires you to take the next step in creating your very own one of a kind designed mug. You will need the following supplies;

  • one white mug
  • oil based sharpie marker (1-2 depending on what you are wanting to draw)
  • nail polish remover (to help erase mistakes along the way)

The above maybe cost me around $10.00 – $15.00, very inexpensive. Sounds pretty easy so far right? These next two pins found on Pinterest will give you further instructions and provide some inspiration;

  1. Instructions on how to design your mug
  2. Some fun ideas

The instructions are really simple, decorate your mug using the oil based sharpie marker(s) and then bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The hard part might be figuring out how to design your mug but if all else fails remember you can never go wrong with a kitty cat or a moustache! I went with what I love doing;

FullSizeRender (81)

FullSizeRender (80)

I’m so excited to use my mug for a hot cup of chocolate as I soak in the cozy before the delightful hustle and bustle of the season. What does your cozy look like?