Halloween fit for a wookie….

Okay maybe not a wookie more of an ewok, it just had a better ring to it. If you have no idea what I am even referencing then I am doing a low head shake in your direction, the slow kind where you know you have truly disappointed someone and I am making direct eye contact so don’t even try to look away. Wookie, ewok, these are all referencing one of the biggest, most influential movies ever made! That being Star Wars. I decided I needed to put my hook to good use to make my own little ewok. Yes, I am one of those “crazies” who dress up their dog in costumes and ugly Christmas sweaters and I won’t apologize for it. I have to pick up his hot steamy poop with a plastic bag each time he goes, brush his teeth and occasionally clean up his puke while trying not to hurl myself right next to his. I feel he can stand to lose a little dignity the same way I have had to lose mine every time I am forced to hold his hot stinky logs in a bag until I can dispose of it. It’s only a short period of time and a couple times a year so he can suck it up, I have to handle his shit on the daily!! Okay enough ranting……

The great thing about the art of crochet is that once you learn a pattern and the stitching you can alter it to make other sizes and build off of it. That’s exactly what happened when I purchased a pattern off of an Etsy shop called The Velvet Acorn. More specifically it was a pattern for a hooded cowl that I bought to make for my niece, it’s called baylie bear cowl. I remember even as I was stitching it up for my niece I kept getting all these great ideas about other ways I could use this pattern, one being a little ewok costume for Charlie. I adapted the pattern to fit his little head and the rest is history, without further ado here’s Charlie in his Halloween costume;


From the side (he is such a pro);


And of course if you know this little cutie he always has to lick everything and the pumpkin was no exception;


And there you have it folks! It’s amazing what a little imagination will do. I know you guys are full of it so come on and share your pet costume ideas and pictures below. Happy Halloween ya’ll!!



Which old witch? The wicked witch…..

Some may say it’s too early to start all this Halloween talk but I disagree! Now is the time, why you may ask? Well it’s usually the perfect time to stock up on supplies for making some Halloween “do it yourself” projects as most craft stores will have their Halloween stuff on sale. So get out there and get your craft on, if you are needing some inspiration this next post has you covered.

I had Halloween on the brain a few weeks back and decided to make a wicked witch themed Halloween wreath. I went with burlap but this time I bought it in black instead of the usual brown colour;

FullSizeRender (77)

If you are needing a refresher on how to make one of these beauties then check out the “DIY” post I did a while back, click here. Once I had the burlap attached my heart filled with excitement and my mind with ideas…..

FullSizeRender (78)

I kept in theme with some witchy burlap ribbon and the rest just came together nicely. I find once you have a theme in mind the rest usually flows quite nicely. You may need to play around with things a bit to get them just as you like which is great when things are on sale. This allows you to get a bit extra so you have more to play with. Surprisingly enough I had a difficult time finding a witch with a broom stick, I mean what is a witch without her means of transportation?! I was able to improvise, luckily enough I found a pumpkin on a wooden stick with some hay attached so I used that instead. I took off the pumpkin and re-attached the hay with some piping, of course after I purchased it, hehe, I don’t recommend improvising with merchandise in the store unless you have paid for it, it’s usually frowned upon 😉 Once I had my broom stick my wreath was complete;



What better way to ensure you get to keep some of your Halloween treats than hanging up a scary wreath, it’s sure to keep some kids away which means more chocolate for you! It’s a win-win, really. At this point I would usually say “this wreath is now available on my etsy store BBCraftlandia” but it has already been sold. No worries though, you got this! Get out there and craft it up, you will have your very own Halloween wreath in no time. If you do make one please share a picture in the comments below, I would love to see what you come up with 🙂