Preppin for the fall in style

  • Pumping spice candle – check
  • Fall florals out – check
  • Favourite fall scarves ready to go – check
  • Fall yarns ready on the hook – check

This is usually how I prepare for the fall, it’s all the essentials for the season but if I could only choose the bare minimum then it would definitely be a delightful pumpkin candle and a bulky scarf. Ohhhhh how I love the fall. I love it so much I started prepping for it early and decided I would share my secrets…..well as you can see above it’s not really a secret or anything that special. Nope, it’s nothing mind blowing but if anything else it will get you moving and grooving for the fall. The colours, the change in the air, the leaves, the yarn colours, chunky sweaters and pumpkin flavoured everything!! I know it’s not officially the fall until September 8th aka the release of the long awaited pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks but there is so much to be done so you can be ready with Starbucks in hand for the big day. Okay, one last thing about my beloved drink, this year it’s made with real pumpkin!!! I mean it kind of makes me wonder what they have been using all this time but never the less I couldn’t be more thrilled and can’t wait to savour the deliciousness of fall in a cup.

There was one thing missing from my list that would make it all complete, that being the perfect wreath. One that would let the world know, or annoy my neighbours, that fall is on it’s way. I decided to get to work and pulled out my trusted burlap. The beauty of the season can be found in the rich fall colours, it’s easy to find inspiration and get the idea train chugging. I had so many I ended up buying way more than I needed but I couldn’t get enough once I started…..yes I may have a problem……


I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I used some twigs, silk flowers/leaves, pine cones, a mini pumpkin, sunflowers and some ribbon to tie it all together. I stuck with the traditional colours of orange, yellow, brown, cream, rust and green. I think this wreath says exactly how I am feeling, “helllloooo….yes it’s the fall I’ve been looking for”.


If you are wanting this one of a kind wreath and aren’t into crafting yourself then you are in luck as I just added this beauty to my Etsy store BBCrafltandia, come on down and take a peek. I have been busy adding some new and exciting items to my store. I would love to hear your feedback, let me know what you think is missing from my store in the comment section below and I will try my best to hook it up. Also, if you welcome the season in your own special way then let me know, I would love to hear your exciting ideas for the fall. Happy crafting ya’ll 🙂

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Something to remember you by….

I hope ya’ll are having a good summer! I have been slacking lately with my posts and I apologize but I have a feeling your summer has been so busy that you barely noticed. That’s usually the way the summer goes but for me this one has lasted way too long…..it’s like the guy who gets fired from work yet keeps showing up each day like it never happened. You think to yourself “yikes this is embarrassing already” as you contemplate singing the chorus line from the movie Frozen by the water cooler to try and give him a hint. I’m sorry, I am so over summer and it’s lasted way too long!!! I want it to get out of my life and move on. It’s been such a long, hot and dry couple of months and I am ready for the cool weather. The kind I can wrap myself up in a warm scarf and drink the cold away with a warm latte. Yup, that’s what I am desperately yearning for. I know some of you will disagree and to that I say “let it go let it goooooo”.

Before I wave goodbye to this wretched beast of a summer, sorry 30 degrees and humidity bring out the worst in me, I thought I would make one more floral to go along with the green theme for this year. I was inspired to create this next project from all the hot weather, okay I over exaggerate, but as I walk home in the blistering heat I often wonder if it’s the same as walking through the desert. I just want to tear my clothes off and run to the nearest gas station for water before I melt away! Sometimes out of the sheer torture of life comes a positive and you get inspired and that is what happened to me. I decided to crochet away my pain and make a cactus;


I tried a couple different patterns for this crochet cactus but they didn’t work out that well so I made this little doozie up myself. Stay tuned as I will be working on the pattern details and sharing them with you real soon! If you want to hang onto that summer time feeling then this is the perfect crafting project for you! I will also be adding this little guy as well as some other goodies to my Etsy store BBCraftlandia shortly, so please stop by and take a peek.

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