Home Sweet Home

There are times I wish I could channel my inner Dorothy, I would click my heels together three times and say those five magical words “there’s no place like home”. In an instance I would be back at home sitting on my mom’s couch wondering what’s for dinner, ahhh if only it were that simple. Over the past three years, whilst living on the West Coast, I have had some amazing adventures but there really is no place like home. I miss the familiar places, faces and smells. Every now and then we need to wander back to the place we call home to embrace that warm feeling that only that one special place can provide…..

I wasn’t able to click my heels together this time, don’t get me wrong I tried but I kept waking up in the same place, so I did things the old fashion way and bought myself a plane ticket. It’s funny how all the reasons that made me yearn for more are now the same reasons that bring me home. Like most small cities, it feels like everyone knows you, everybody kind of thinks and looks the same, there is a monotonous routine shared by most and there is never enough excitement!! I grew up feeling as though I belonged and at the same time not so much…..but coming home always makes me realize that I really am a prairie girl at heart. Feeling that you are part of a community is so comforting and most often a quality only a  small city can provide. I know I have said it before but I am saying it again, there is something unique about the kindness of the prairies and the people within it! I decided it was time to pay homage to the place I call home and let ya’ll know why it’s worth the visit.

The first thing that is an instant draw are the skies, the clouds are constantly dancing as they roll on through and on a clear day the sun has never looked so full of light and beauty. They don’t call it the land of the living skies for nothing;


Here you can watch the sun rise and watch it set at the end of a summer’s day. The sunsets alone are worth the trip. Another reason? Well you may not know it but there is a really great art district in the heart of Regina. The Cathedral Village is lined with one of a kind shops by local artisans. The area itself is bursting with art, creativity and liveliness. The one thing that was missing was a place us hookers could call our own, well imagine my surprise when I came across a yarn store;

FullSizeRender (66)

Yup! Hip Knit, Regina’s very own yarn store. It’s filled with some great yarns and friendly service. I would recommend stopping in and taking a look around, plus where else are you going to find the perfect shade of Rider green;

FullSizeRender (67)

I was overly delighted when I stumbled upon the beautiful collection of Rider green yarns but really not too surprised as I have never met a city so dedicated to a sports team. I am so excited to make some Rider gear to help cheer on the home team, “Let’s Go Riders”

I want to leave you all with a song that always brings me back home, a song that captures the prairie sunsets and the rolling wheat fields, it’s by the Tragically Hip. Take a listen to their song Wheat Kings, I may not be able to click my heels to get back home but this song takes me there every time 🙂


Spring and summer projects on the hook

You can smell it in the air, you can feel it in the breeze, and the birds are singing because they know what’s up. Yup, spring is upon us and soon her wild irresponsible sister, summer, will be next. I can’t wait, I love this time of year. New life has been given all around and it seems to recharge the batteries. Just like the seasons I decided it was time I switched things up as well. I picked up my hook, cause that’s what us hookers do, and I tried out some new projects which I would like to share with y’all.

The first project I am going to showcase for you is the crochet clutch I made;


I use mine to hold my crafting supplies and hooks. I think my favourite part, other than the cute wood anchor button, is the colour! It’s such a great pop of spring . I also have one in a cream and coral colour which are available on my Etsy store BBCraftlandia. The button used is from a Canadian shop called Brickbubble, check them out, they have lots of handmade goods, from wood buttons to jewellery and so much more. The pattern I used was from the book Crochet Boutique which I highly recommend, best $30.00 dollars I have ever spent! So many beautiful and inspiring projects.

The next item I want to make mention of is my crochet basket;


Charlie assisted in the demonstration of this beauty, he is too cute for words isn’t he?! I love home décor and this projects fits right in with my style. Did I mention I also love organizing everything? Well I do, I may even take it a bit too far at times but this basket never judges and even encourages me to keep at it, hehe, yup the basket talks to me but I can’t guarantee if you purchase one from my shop you will hear the same voices I do 😉 They are small in shape but you can make a larger version if you would like. The blog All About Ami is one of my favourites and she has lots of patterns available, this one included.

Another one of my passions is music, it’s everything!! It holds my hand through the bad, it dances with me in celebration and it motivates me to keep on moving. I wanted to show my love through my hook so I decided to create a pillow case in a vinyl design. I am so proud with how it turned out and it fits perfectly with my décor. I was so pleased I decided to make one for my Etsy store for all the other music lovers out there;


Now the bad part, I really didn’t follow a pattern for this one. I just worked my stitching in the round so I really don’t have a pattern to share but if you can work in the round you will be able to recreate one similar to mine. It’s not too difficult, it’s just knowing when to increase and decrease, I followed this guide here and it was really helpful in guiding me to find the shape. The pillow is 12″ around so not too big but you can make it any shape as long as you have the right size insert. Let the good times roll!!

Lastly, I want to speak about the market bag I recently made. Reusable bags are a big thing now a days and they should be. They are way easier to carry your goods, and bonus, they are better for the environment! I found an easy to follow pattern on the Lions Brand websiteThe only thing that is a little limiting, depending on where you buy your yarn, is the yarn selection. The yarn needs to be 100% cotton which is harder to find then one may think. I did manage to find a decent selection with the brand Sugar n Cream but there really wasn’t as many colours as I would have liked to choose from. I decided to go with a funky multi-coloured pattern;


I added a “woodsy” themed button from Brickbubble and the look was complete. I am so tempted to keep this one for myself, it would work so well to carry my crafting goodies but alas I have put it up on my Etsy store. I am so excited for my new creations, I hope you like them as well. Please share your thoughts below and if you need more details in regards to the patterns I shared please send me an email (address is along the left hand side).

I am still working on adding a few more items, such as a doll, a stuffy, triangle scarf and maybe even a fun cacti! I am not sure I will get all of them finished in time for the season but I will sure try and keep y’all posted along the way. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and follow along. I appreciate each and every one of you!! If you aren’t following yet please do, I am planning on arranging a give away to show my love very soon and I want to include you. Just click on the “follow” button along the left hand side. Happy crafting friends 🙂