Redesign on a Dime: Musical Chairs

As a kid musical chairs was not my idea of fun, it was way too intense for me. The taunting music, the waiting anxiously to fight for a spot to sit, the look of terror in my competitor’s eyes….ohhh the sheer agony of it all. Then the music would stop and panic would set in as I frantically looked for a place to sit, ugh not my jam at all! I like the games where everyone wins and there is no traumatic ending plus the most you would win was a lollipop or a balloon. Come to think of it, it truly is a cruel joke. Add a laughing clown in there and it would be my idea of hell! As an adult though I love me some musical chairs….

My adult version of musical chairs involves way less stress, I can take my time and the music playing doesn’t stop unless it’s time to flip the record over. This version allows me to take a room and re-energize it by simply moving around the furniture. It really is that simple, as long as you have a partner in crime to help you with the heavy stuff. To make things clear, I’m not talking about break and entering, I’m talking about moving things around within your own home…stay out of your neighbours house even if their couch is nicer than yours! This first re-design project is free of cost and only takes a little lifting and vision. I decided to give a visual of exactly how effective this can be.

Here are a few pictures of my craft/spare room;

FullSizeRender (33)

The above is the view from the door way, when you turn to the left this is what you see next;

FullSizeRender (34)

And next to this;

FullSizeRender (35)

This is basically the lay out of the room and has been for almost a year now. The thing that has always bothered me about the layout is that the bed covers part of the large window along the wall which then takes away from the natural lighting. I decided that I could re-energize this room simply by changing things around. It’s really amazing how you can take what you have and create a new fresh feeling within.

Here is the new layout of the room, I present to you project #1 of re-designing on a dime;


The above is now the view from the doorway and to the left;


And to the right;

IMG_0696 (1)

This is my happy place and as you can see from the pictures above the new layout allows more of that beautiful natural light to come shinning through.

I hope this visual has motivated you to start visualizing all the new within your homes. The things you have are the things you once longed for so instead of going out and spending money to replace the old why not just play a little musical chairs. This project also gives a great start to some spring cleaning. By the time the flowers start blooming you will be one step ahead and ready to soak in the freshness it brings.

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Redesign on a Dime

Have you ever seen some people walking down the street and looked at them with pure envy? You know, the ones who seem to have this simplistic yet well put together style? You may even have friends or family members that have this effortless style and when asked about or complimented on their style they usually shrug it off and sheepishly smile as if to say “what this? oh this is old but thanks”. I have been in this situation a few times, on the peanut butter and jealous side of course, and have thought to myself, wow, that is old?! You do not want to see the old in my closet it’s not a pretty sight and probably never really was during it’s supposed time or when I considered it funky fresh. I will say that the best piece of advice I got was to go with timeless pieces and add accessories to change a look. You don’t need a lot of money or an expensive wardrobe. For example, have a variety of scarves on hand so you can turn a sweater you would lounge around in to something you can wear out at night. As I was putting away my laundry the other day I started to ponder as I looked around my closet….”hmmm I wonder if this same technique can be used when it comes to home décor” and then I started to wonder some more…..

After being awoken from my daydream by my dog’s intense starring as he eagerly awaited for me to throw him his ball my wonder turned to a flood of ideas that came running at full speed through my head, oh the possibilities! I then started a list of all the different ways I could take the “drab” and add a little “fab”, and even better do it at low cost or for free. I took my top 4 ideas and decided to share them with you, yeah I’m cool like that 😉 As I reveal them throughout the coming weeks you will realize that they really aren’t new and you probably thought about doing them at some point in your life. Instead think of it as a reminder of how the little things can equal big results. I hope it will have you inspired to redesign,  taking the old/boring and turning it into something creative and fresh. The best part is that some of these projects are free, low cost and you probably have the supplies right in your home! Even better news, I know how can it get any better right? Well it can because these next 4 projects will give you a jump start on your spring cleaning/organization. It’s hard to believe but spring is just around the corner and you will want to be spending your time outside instead of inside cleaning, so lets get it out of the way while having a little fun. You really can’t lose!

I can’t wait to get started and I hope it gets you motivated to take a look around and see all the possibilities within your homes. Our environment, just like what we wear, is often times a reflection of how we are feeling on the inside. Sometimes all we need is a little change to help rejuvenate our surroundings and by doing so we also change the way we feel inside which is so important to our over all health! Let’s get back on track with a dime, some creativity, and lots of fun.

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DIY: Burlap Wreath Inspired by Love

“Out with the old and in with the new” is the theme for this next do it yourself post. I have given the burlap wreath a new and exciting look for 2015, if you missed my post last week on this project take a read here. I will now reveal my makeover secrets so that you too can create some love fitted for the season. I used the following supplies;

FullSizeRender (28)

  • One styrofoam wreath mould (approx. 16″ around)
  • One roll of burlap
  • Some twine
  • Two different colours of felt (red and pink)
  • One roll of lace ribbon
  • Two colours of yarn for the crochet flowers (you can also use felt for the flowers)

The first thing I did was attach the burlap to the styrofoam mould, you will need a hot glue gun for this part. Put a little glue along the end of the roll of burlap and attach it to the styrofoam and carefully add a little pressure to ensure it sticks. From here, proceed to wrap the burlap around the mould like so;


Keep going around while trying to space the burlap out evenly. You can tell how even you are by the edging of the burlap. As you can see above I tried to keep a consistent pattern all the way around.

FullSizeRender (30)

To finish off I added some glue to the end piece and attached it to the back side of the wreath. You should have the entire white mould covered. What you will have, if you notice above, is a space that is not consistent with the rest of the wreath. The end piece will not go in the same direction as the rest of the burlap, to cover this up I added some lace ribbon. It not only covered up the inconsistency but it also added a nice romantic feel to the “love” vibe I was going for;


You can leave the ribbon as such or you can add a bow if you would like;

FullSizeRender (31)

I opted for the bow, either way I feel the lace ribbon creates a sense of elegance. Another option is wrapping the ribbon all the away around the wreath, get creative and make it your own! Next, I focused on adding some flowers. This year I wanted to try a different technique then the one I had used previously, i.e. flowers made from felt, so I decided to crochet them;


The pattern I used to create the flowers can be found here. I used two different hooks (6mm and 5mm) to create varying sized flowers. I added some pearl beads to the centre of the flowers using my hot glue gun. Yes, this will hurt a little! It’s almost impossible not to burn your finger tips but it was worth it. Plus who needs finger tips really?! The pearls tie together the elegance of the lace with the texture of the yarn. If hooking isn’t your cup of tea then you can create some flowers using felt. You also use silk flowers if you prefer, remember there are no rules!

After attaching the flowers I took out the two colours of felt which I then used to create the bunting. I cut triangle shapes out of the red felt and hearts out of the pink. I attached the hearts to the red pieces using my hot glue gun, again ouch be careful, and then attached it to the piece of twine I had pre-measured ahead of time.


From here I secured the bunting to the back of the wreath using some glue;

IMG_9057 (1)

And there you have it! You should now be prepared to create your very own wreath using these simple techniques.The great thing is that you can implement the same methods to create a wreath for any season and for any reason. It makes the sweetest gift for any occasion or a “just because” gift.

FullSizeRender (32)

Use your creative side to make the world smile and to spread a little love. Happy Crafting!


New Twist on Burlap Inspired by Love

Like most great things in life this next floral creation was inspired by love. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I am buying into the hype of Valentine’s Day or anything but I do think it’s a great excuse to craft using your heart or in this case felt hearts which will make more sense as we move along. For all you lovers out there that do cherish the season of love you will especially enjoy this next creation as it’s all about celebrating the season and if you don’t celebrate then it’s another great excuse to get your “cheese” on and listen to romantic songs while you cut out heart shapes using felt. In case you are wondering what romantic song I like to craft to during this time of year, well it’s none other than one of my all time favourites Joey Lawrence! I mean come on there really isn’t nothing his love can’t fix for you baby….ohhh ohhhhhh ohhh….

I know burlap is so 2014 and we have moved on to the power of the green so I decided to give our friend a makeover. You know, like those makeovers on old talk shows like Jenny Jones. That is what I attempted to do with this next floral creation, I wanted to take the old and create a fresh look, one that would re-inspire you to fall in love all over again with burlap. Yes, this post is all about love and my love for burlap but I promise I will have a big reveal that will not disappoint. I present to you the before picture (Burlap Circa 2014);

20140117-IMG_56491In your minds I hope you are picturing this wreath walking out and doing a sad twirl for you because no one is ever happy in their “before” picture. Now fast forward to present time and I present to you the new and improved Burlap 2015;


This wreath is doing a happy twirl and has the biggest smile, similar to when I wake up in a panic on a Saturday morning only to realize that I don’t have to be at work…yeah you know that kind of smile! Instead of using flowers made from felt I crocheted them, I used the felt to create some bunting with hearts and I finished it off with some lace ribbon. I am so pleased with how this makeover turned out, I think I did Jenny proud 😉 I will be posting a “do it yourself” (DIY) shortly so you too can create some burlap inspired by love as well this wreath is available on my Etsy store BBCraftlandia

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