Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks….

Actually her name is Eva and her story has little to do with three bears. The only thing this story shares in common is the finished product which I will explain later on. For now, I want to gush about a little girl named Eva who had her first birthday on January 30th, oh how the time flies!! Though its only been a year so much has changed in her little life. She started out as a curious sweet little baby to, a still curious, little girl who loves to dance to the beat of her own heart and who loves kitties. It made my heart happy every time she smiled at me and walked around like she drank too much wine. I was also filled with laughter and joy every time she waved her little finger in the air saying “no no no”, she was already laying down the law with Aunty. She stole my heart the moment I held her in my arms and my love for her grows by the day. I feel blessed to call her my niece and I look forward to the next dance we will share and the stories we will read about kitties.

I came across a pattern a while ago and thought it was the cutest but didn’t really see a purpose for making it until now. It’s a fitting gift for a little girl who lives on the prairies, it is sure to keep her little cheeks warm from the cold winter’s wind. I bought the pattern from an Etsy store named The Velvet AcornIf you are a hooker or a knitter you should check out her site, it has some amazing patterns and even some finished products for purchase. I must say that the model she uses is adorable as well!!! It’s much harder to crochet items for little ones when you don’t have a mini model yourself. I decided to follow the instructions that were recommended for toddlers instead of chancing it not fitting her or only fitting her for one season.

FullSizeRender (23)

I used the yarn recommended in the pattern which was Lions Brand Wool-Ease. It provided a great texture and warmth.

FullSizeRender (24)

I spent this past weekend crocheting away and decided that this crochet project needed an accessory so I went to Etsy and took a peek. My go to accessory is always a comfy pair of shoes and since the little one can’t get enough of walking around I naturally thought she needed her own pair of moccasins. I found a Canadian store on Etsy named Ullaaviggo that has the most unique baby/children’s moccasins I have ever seen. They looked like a comfortable fit and I loved the style, so I went ahead and got a little pair to match the hooded bear cowl I was making.

FullSizeRender (25)

I just needed to add some finishing touches and I would be done. The pattern made this project fun as it was easy to follow and had clear instructions. I highly recommend getting the patterns as it also has instructions for child, teen and adult sizes.

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)

I can’t wait to see my little niece all snuggled up in her bear cowl with her matching moccasins! The cowl may be a little big for her now but at the rate she is growing she will fit it in no time! I wish you the happiest first birthday little one, Aunty loves you very much and can’t wait to give you the biggest hug and get little Eva kisses on the cheek in return.

*The season of Love is coming up and it may have you feeling all twitterpated. If so, well crafting probably isn’t the answer, but you can try crafting your way to that special someone’s heart. Stay tuned and follow along for some crafting inspired by the season*


Twine Time 2.0

Over the past year I have learnt so much about the art of crocheting, it really has morphed and evolved over the years. You can make some incredible things, anything from teddy bears to rugs to baskets, the list seems endless. Basically how I see it, if you can think it then it can be crocheted! I am not sure if that amazes me more or less than the fact that you can also crochet with almost any type of material. For instance, I have seen some hookers crocheting baskets using recycled plastic bags, and I have also seen rugs being crocheted with recycled t-shirt material…..did you just hear that? Yup, that was the sound of my mind being blown!! Seriously, there are some very artistic and creative minds out there. I decided to give one of these “new age”, if you will, crocheting ideas a whirl. It seemed only fitting to use my old friend, the one they call twine, for this next crochet project instead of using the traditional yarn. I also felt it would be the perfect compliment to the green themed floral creation I posted last week.

FullSizeRender (17)

The glass jars do look stunning on their own but I thought they could use a little earthy touch or as the cool kids say pizazz! What’s that? Cool kids don’t say pizazz? Pfft and next I guess you are going to say they don’t collect troll dolls and believe in unicorns?! I think I know what’s cool and hip so we can both agree to disagree. Without further ado I present to you, twine 2.0;

FullSizeRender (19)

If you aren’t a “hooker” never fear because this project is simple. I will include the pattern I used as well as some more advanced ones if you are in an adventurous mood. If hooking just isn’t your thing, you can try out a technique I used in a similar project with twine. Click on the link here to see the technique used and do what works best for you. There is one rule and that is there are no rules! Make up your own as you go along and most importantly have some fun along the way.

I am a “hooker” so I used the following pattern which is recommended for beginners so don’t be afraid to get a hook and some twine to give this a try. For the more risqué hookers I would recommend the following patterns (also found on my Pinterest Board- Crochet Patterns);

FullSizeRender (20)

I followed the pattern for the most part changing a few things which I will share in case you are wanting to do the same. I didn’t crochet as many rows, I believe it calls for 4-18, as I didn’t want the entire mason jar to be covered. I still wanted the texture of the soil mixed with the rocks to be visible so I only went up part way, almost to the middle of the jar (sorry I didn’t take note of how many rows I did so just make sure you check along the way and stop when you get to the desired length). To cover the smaller container I skipped Rnd 3 which allowed me to make the cozy smaller in order to fit the mason jar. If this is at all confusing and you are feeling lost send me an email, I will help you get through it.

FullSizeRender (21)

FullSizeRender (22)

The twine creates a nice Bohemian laid back vibe which I love, it reminds me to relax, grab a hot cup of tea and to just let things be which I seem to forget from twine to twine 😉 Happy crafting!

*A little birdie told me it was a special someone’s birthday next week, this calls for my first Aunty Project of the year*


Green Mean Fighting Machine!

There are many ways in which we can tip our moods to the happy side of the scale. We can go out shopping, treat ourselves to a nice meal, get our hair did, and my personal favourite, eat a nice big bag of chips along with some yummy dip (what? don’t judge me). Depending on who you are your happiness may be bought in some other ways, we are always trying to pick ourselves up when we are down the best way we know how. We sometimes forget that what will sustain our happiness can’t always be found in the store or at the bottom of a delicious bag of chips. It’s a hard life lesson and one that I forget and repeat almost every Friday night, ugh. Instead of seeking out the momentary happiness we need to turn our hunger to healthier long term alternatives. So how do we halt these bad habits especially when the cold weather makes it harder for us to balance the happy scale? Well, I recommend turning to our dear friend Mother Nature. For one, it’s a low cost solution to a long term happiness plan and there is something magical in the way it feels to be surrounded by her beauty. I agree that her beauty can be forgotten in -40 weather conditions so my solution is bringing a little slice of her into your home so that you have an oasis of serenity and quiet beauty all year round.

Still not convinced? Think of this, how guilty do we usually feel after we splurge on material items or junk food? Maybe it’s just me but if I buy something out of a moment of weakness because I am desperately needing to feel good I usually always feel regretful and guilty afterwards. Like a dog who knows what he/she did wrong but doesn’t want to admit it when asked “who did this?”! Growing up is inevitable and in the growing pains I am constantly searching for a long term solution for that happy meter to stay balanced and through this venture I have really grown more found of the subtle healing powers of the nature around me. I find it to be so peaceful and serene and have been inspired to create some of this magic within my home. I am eager to share throughout the year how you too can get in on this delightful solution to those blues. We will use Mother Nature as our green mean fighting machine! Watch out winter blues we are coming for you….

FullSizeRender (14)

One project that is easy to do and has a low cost is the first of many I will be showing this year. The above may seem familiar to you, I am sure you have seen small arrangements planted in mason jars and they are probably sold at ridiculous prices. Lots of us have mason jars or other glass container lying around, this is the perfect project to make them useful again and to get you re-energized.

FullSizeRender (16)

I never said it would be easy, the plants I used hurt me a few times but hey, no pain no gain right?! I chose three glass mason jars, all varying sizes, and added some rocks to the bottom of each then topped it up with some soil. I had to then carefully transfer the plants to their new homes. I recommend succulents and cacti if you are going to take on this project. They seem to be less picky in these situations but ensure you have gloves and the proper tools to protect your hands. Oh and make sure you bring your creativity! There are so many variations and so many other jars/containers you can use, if you are in need of further inspiration here are a few I would recommend checking out;

Once you have your oasis of green assembled put them out in a well lit area and sick back and enjoy. Their quiet peaceful presence will effect your mood even when you least suspect it. Let Mother Nature do the curing not the bag of Dorritos, sigh even though they taste so good…..

FullSizeRender (18)

FullSizeRender (17)

but this leaves me with no guilty remorse and is a whole lot healthier for me, yup I think I will be alright…….

*Next week get ready to dust off those hooks as I will be showing a fun way to add some pizazz to this project. Not a follower? Make sure you click on the follow link along the side so you will get instant notifications on new posts*


New Year, New Reflection…..

Welcome back, folks! I hope you and yours had a safe and happy holiday season. In good news Santa did not bring me coal this year, woot, and in bad news we are back at the beginning of a new year which means that the dreaded month known as January is back to haunt us. I am not sure why this month feels like the longest one of the twelve and why it brings such a gloomy feeling. Maybe because deep down we know that we have to wait another three hundred and some days before we can get our holiday cheer back on, maybe it’s because it forces us to reflect on the good and the not so good of the year passed or maybe it’s because it is usually the coldest freaking month of them all! As a good friend once said “It’s colder than a witch’s titty out there” and every time I feel the chill of a new year I am reminded of that phrase and it brings a warm smile to my face, hehe, witch’s titty. The past year brought some heart ache as I had to say goodbye to a few loved ones way before I was ready to and at the same time I got to welcome my new favourite person into the world, my niece Eva. Life is such a wonderful yet heartless biotch at times and I guess that’s why we should treat each day as if it were a gift. As I feel the pressure of January taking over I am forced to do some reflective thinking and have come up with a few take aways and lessons learnt from the previous year 1) I need to give myself credit for the creations I make, yes there are those that are better and there always will be better but I need to allow myself to appreciate and love my own craft 2) To never stop growing and learning 3) When all else fails laugh and 4) Always be kind and give back when you can. What does your list look like?

So how do we once again tackle those Winter blues? Well once again my friend I have the cure. No this time it is not the miraculous curative powers of the burlap but it’s in the green. Wait, lets make sure we are on the same page, I am talking about mother nature and all of her wondrous green friends. Okay maybe I am only making things more confusing, what I’m referring to is bringing some of the beauty of nature inside in the form of plants! Simple yet it gets so over looked and forgotten. This year we are going to add some green into our homes cause green is the theme! I have been doing some homework and am so excited to share my inspirations and ideas. With the help from the following we are going to cure those blues and for once embrace the new year for all it’s worth and enjoy each day;

FullSizeRender (12)

I am going to share with you some great home décor ideas that will have a mix of crochet, vintage and florals. It will be a great opportunity to add to your existing style or to change things up. The focus for the new year is going to be;

  1. Mason jars, mason jars and more mason jars
  2. Greenery – plants/florals
  3. New twist on burlap wreaths
  4. Vintage home décor projects

IMG_8872(Pictures from Vintage Style Magazine)

And for crochet;

  1. Pillow cases
  2. Crochet flowers
  3. Purses and wallets
  4. Baskets


(Pictures from Interweave Crochet Home and Crochet Gifts Magazine)

There are so many more fun projects that I will be working on this year, all focused on adding some fresh greenery to your home with a vintage twist. I look forward to spending the next year crafting and crocheting my heart out with you so please follow along and if you aren’t a follower please click on the link along the side. This year there will be give-always and you won’t want to miss out! We will beat those winter blues by taking some time for self reflections, re-energizing and bringing some of mother nature into our homes to fight back against the dreaded one they call January! Stay tuned for next week when I show you our first green themed craft project….

*My Etsy store is now open and has some new warm goodies. Thank you shout out to all who shop at my Etsy store BBCraftlandia, I truly appreciate all the love and support*