On The Last Week Before Christmas….

Well it’s finally here folks, the last week before Christmas! I hope through all the hustle and bustle you took some time to slow down and appreciate the small things this holiday season. If you haven’t then worry not for there is still time to take a break and just enjoy the things that really matter most to you. For me, it’s cuddling on the couch with my family and enjoying the warm glow of the the lights on the tree while we watch our favourite holiday shows. We have to learn to slow down before it goes by and we wish we had! I feel like it was just last month that I started this whole adventure of blogging. My first post, if you recall, was about the beauty of burlap. I thought it only appropriate that we end with a burlap themed Christmas craft as it’s what we started off with so join me in singing these next few lines one last time…. “On the last week before Christmas Craftlandia crafted for me A joyful burlap ornamentttt” This festive craft was inspired by a post I came across on Pinterest. I am going to use the following supplies and recommend you do the same; FullSizeRender (6) To start off, fold the burlap in half so that when you cut out your shapes you get two identical pieces like so; FullSizeRender (7) Once you have your shapes cut out start sewing the pieces together using a needle and thread (I used green thread). Once you are almost at the end you will want to add  a little stuffing and then continue until the end. To attach the twine so that you can hang the ornament, you will want to use a large threading needle; FullSizeRender (8) Don’t tie a knot to attach the twine to the needle, leave it loose as shown above. From there you can pull it through the middle, near the top, of the ornament; FullSizeRender (9) I added a little tree button to one of my ornaments, if you want to as well just make sure you do so before you attach the two sides together. Here is my finished set of burlap tree ornaments; FullSizeRender (10) These will look so cute on a tree, a wreath, garland or even as decorations on a wrapped gift. Be creative with this one there are so many variations you can do. You can also use felt instead of burlap. FullSizeRender (11) I am so happy you took some time to create your own Christmas magic this year, nothing is better than creating something with your own two hands! There is no greater gift you can give yourself and others, so over this holiday season keep being creative, making art and inspiring the ones around you. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I will be back on Jan. 10/15, until then I want you all to have a very Merry but I will let my friend Sam Smith say it how it is meant to be said through song 🙂 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!


On the Second Week Before Christmas…..

We are almost at the home stretch for the big day which means you are probably all shopped out, stressed out and could use a good rest before the craziness of the holidays really kicks in. Holidays are all about traditions but they can get exhausting. I am not saying we shouldn’t proceed on our jolly way to festive parties and all that other fun stuff quite the opposite, as traditions are what make up the season. We just need to remember to pace ourselves and remember to be present. This next Christmas craft is all about slowing down and creating an inviting atmosphere to gather our loved ones around the table to enjoy some quiet time and engage in conversation. Time moves way too quickly so lets try and slow it down and enjoy ourselves. Sing with me now…..

“On the Second Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for me

A Traditional Centre Piece”

We are going to attract the masses to gather around for it’s the season for sharing, how are we going to do this? Why creating a table centre piece of course! This is one of my favourite Christmas traditions, I love creating an ambiance of peace with a warm glow and of course a little bit of sparkle.  Here is what I came up with to get us to the table;

FullSizeRender (5)

To keep in theme with my woodland burlap wreath I used a birch wood candle, some pine, berries and some cinnamon sticks to provide an inviting aroma. This is the perfect fit for our cozy apartment. Having it atop the island in the kitchen encourages me to take time out from the hustle and bustle to sit, turn off the TV and just soak in every minute as soon it will be another year gone and a long 365 day wait until the next. So get out there, there is only two weeks left and soon it will be Christmas All Over Again.

*My Etsy store, BBCraftlandia, is officially closed for the holidays. It will re-open with some fresh new fashionable items on January 10, 2015*


On the Third Week Before Christmas….

This time of year I turn into the biggest kid ever, I can hardly wait to spend the holidays with my family and friends and of course to try and catch the big guy in the red suit coming down the chimney….maybe one day! This Christmas is going to be extra special as it will be the first for my darling niece Eva. There is nothing like experiencing the season through a child’s eyes. I still remember being a little one and feeling the anticipation of Christmas morn. In a way it’s a little like being tortured. Think about it, you have to stare at beautifully wrapped gifts meant for you for weeks at a time. It’s like your mom or dad putting a piece of cake in front of you and saying “don’t eat this, I want you to just look at it until the fat guys says so”. It’s hard enough to wait for recess when you are a kid let along an entire month before you can open your gifts. If you were like me you had those guilty moments of snooping around your parents room to try and find your gifts early and pondering if you could open them and wrap them back up so no one would notice. There are many lessons to be learnt in life and though at times it may seem unfair I think this time of year taught me the art of patience and appreciation.  It’s a great time of year to appreciate all that you have and to remember to give back. As an adult I can say I truly feel it is better to give than to receive. There is no greater gift then the gift of love, kindness and understanding. It’s a gift we can give all year round but especially during this time of year! So my little Eva these next few lines are for you;

“On the Third Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for me,

The Sweetest Santa Hat”

That’s right my little Santa Baby, I put my hooking talents to use to craft you the perfect little holiday outfit which I hope you will like;

FullSizeRender (4)



Christmas crafting wouldn’t be complete without an Aunty Project! I used the following pattern for the little slippers and this one for the Santa hat (I added three extra rows of sc stitching at the ended and switched out the red for the white yarn as well as added the pompom). To all my hookers out there or wannabe hookers, this is a great holiday treat for any little one(s) in your life. Now having finished I am even more excited for Christmas. To all my fellow Christmas junkies out there take a listen to this next jam as you are the only ones who will understand this holiday tune because we all wish it was Christmas Today!!!!!!

*This is the last week my Etsy Store BBCraftlandia will be open before it closes for the holiday season*