On the Fourth Week Before Christmas…..

Last year we weren’t able to go home for the holidays so we spent it in the next best place, that being New York City. If you are ever stranded for the holidays or you feel like doing something different I highly recommend New York, there is no place more magical during the holidays. Nothing is more spectacular and breath taking than seeing the Christmas lights and tree in Rockefeller Plaza. The feeling you get while standing there looking up at that giant tree can’t be described. I remember gazing up at it with child like awe, the butterflies I used to feel in the pit of my stomach every Christmas morning came fluttering back and for a moment I actual felt like maybe there was a Santa…..



(photo by David E.)

 This memory is what inspired this next festive crafting project, please sing these next few lines with me!

“On the Fourth Week Before Christmas Craflandia Crafted for me

a Magical Christmas Scene”

That’s right, we are going to take a special holiday memory and capture it in a jar, though the above really is impossible to put in a bottle. I gave it my best attempt with the following supplies;


I found a Christmas ornament that I had bought while on my trip and decided to use it as part of my snowy scene. You can really get creative with this project so use your imagination. There really is no right or wrong way to go about this and if you are feeling extra adventurous you can turn yours into a snow globe.

It’s hard to re-create the scene with all the lights and sounds of New York City but I feel as though I captured a piece of it forever. For when I look at my jar I am taken back to the streets in Manhattan, I am trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the city while trying to figure out where the smell of barbecued hot dogs is coming from. That’s really what this project is all about, capturing some holiday magic that is meaningful to you;


The trees light up and will look extra special at night, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please share your creative ideas below in the comment section and if you need to get that jingle in your step let Sir Paul McCartney help you with his song Wonderful Christmas Time (one of my all time favourite holiday jams).

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IMG_0770You can now get your Santa groove on with your very own Santa hat and stash. Happy Holidays and a ho ho ho to you!

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On the Fifth Week Before Christmas….

I want to start off by taking a moment to reminisce about one of my favourite holiday traditions. It usually begins on a cold winter’s night. I am all snuggled up under the softest blanket and the flicker of a cinnamon candle is the only light around. The aroma reminds me of Christmas morn and the feeling calms yet excites me as I take in the cold winter’s air. I am holding a cup of my favourite joe and am getting ready to watch one of my favourite Christmas movies, Elf, and I am eager with anticipation. I know most, if not all, of the lines off by heart and am that annoying person who thinks they have been cast as a leading role in the movie as I sing and say every line along with Buddy the elf. It’s one tradition I try and repeat every year, it reminds me to enjoy the small things in life and appreciate all the love around me. It’s what inspired this next Christmas craft, please join me in singing these next few lines…..

“On the Fifth Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for me…..

A Sparkling Set of Snowooooflakes”

We don’t get snow out here along the west coast unless you take a trek up one of the surrounding mountains but for the most part we just get rain. I decided that I would create a little of my own snow by crocheting a set of snowflakes, cause let’s face it “baby it’s cold outside“.

I hope that song gets you in the mood to create some of your own crochet snowflakes. I am calling out all my fellow “hookers”, let’s create some flakes to add a little sparkle to the Christmas tree. I used a free pattern I found on Pinterest.

And the following to create a little Christmas magic;

photo 1 (29)

I have never crocheted snowflakes before and was very thrilled when I came across this pattern. I decided to create snowflakes in various sizes hence the three different hooks above. The pattern is very well written, and great for beginners. I highly recommend giving it a try so what are you waiting for? Get your Christmas craft on!

photo 2 (32)

As directed I used Mod Podge, it works great to stiffen the fabric so that they keep their shape. For some reason, maybe because it was my first attempt, none of my snowflakes looked alike…..kind of like the real thing 😉

photo 5 (1)

I can’t wait to perfect this project. I am thinking next year I will get them just right and sell them on my Etsy store BBCraftlandia so you too can enjoy the snow, unless of course you have plenty of your own!

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On the Sixth Week Before Christmas…..

I am so excited for the big day that most of the time I can barely contain myself. I feel like throwing Christmas glitter on everything, singing loud for all to hear and baking every Christmas cookie recipe I can find on Pinterest! This is my favourite time of the year and I won’t apologize for it. I love the lights, the gift of giving and spending time with the ones I love. Ahhh if only every day was Christmas….maybe it wouldn’t be as special but if that feeling could be bottled and released when feeling down I think we would have it made. To continue in my jolly way I have found another Christmas craft to share with all of you, yup you guessed it, it’s time for some holiday burlap. This will be the last instalment of demonstrating the awesomeness of the burlap so I hope you take this opportunity to give it a try and remember to get in tune with a little Bing Crosby for these next few lines;

“On the Sixth Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for Me

A Delightful Burlap Wreath”

To create a true winter wonder land I went with a “woodland” theme with the help of the following supplies;


From here I assembled my wreath and to get a little groove in my step I got inspired with a little help from the Buble, Michael Buble that is. Even if you aren’t a fan you will be once you hear his Christmas album, it is also quite delightful just as this next tune is because this time of year we all want it to “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” 😉

Here is my creation of a woodland themed Christmas wreath;


Now get off your feet and give it a try, I promise it will be a “hoot”!! It is also available for purchase on my Etsy store, BBCraftlandia.

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On The Seventh Week Before Christmas….

My hope is that when you read the title of this post above you get that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach, that feeling only Christmas can bring. For it’s the one time of year you want a fat guy in a red suit to illegally break into your house, and the one time of year you don’t mind if your uncle drinks a little too much Christmas cheer and tells really bad jokes. You don’t seem to mind as you are too consumed with the euphoric holiday spirit and seem to welcome it with open arms as well as the ugly sweaters and your crazy family. Eating too much food and drinking a little cheer yourself also seems to help! Some may not be ready to embrace the holiday spirit just yet, it may been too soon for all the sparkle and talk of snow. To those who aren’t ready I say “Bah Humbug”! It only comes once a year and we only have a limited amount of time to celebrate. We need to welcome it with open arms and take it for what it’s worth, celebrate in whatever way you see fit. One way in which I like to enjoy the holidays is to get my Christmas craft on and from now until the elves pack the last toy on the sleigh I am going to be posting some of my favourite holiday crafts to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas. Click on the link and sit back and let the silky smooth voice of Mr. Bing Crosby himself get you in the mood, it will also help when you read the next few lines as you will be right in tune….

“On The Seventh Week Before Christmas Craftlandia Crafted for me……

One Hell of a Peppermint Scrub”

Tis the season to turn on the hot water and to soak up the suds. The holidays can be joyful but they can also bring on a lot of stress. The shopping, the parties, the decorating, all of it can wear you out. To keep on your jolly feet you will need some added fuel that being a nice peppermint body scrub. Nothing beats the soothing smell of peppermint, it cures all those aches and pains and keeps those warm fuzzies in your tum. Want to find out how to make your very own? Well, regardless of how you answered that question I am going to show you anyhow.

You will need the following supplies;

photo (36)

  • mason jar
  • peppermint oil (has to be safe on skin)
  • sugar
  • coconut oil
  • ribbon (optional)

Once you have the above you will want to combine them using the following instructions (for similar pins follow me on Pinterest as I have a board dedicated to DIY beauty products). I recommend adding a few extra drops of peppermint oil, I like mine a little stronger. Once you mix it all together add it to your mason jar and top it off with some holiday lovin by adding some festive ribbon;

photo (37)

This is a great way to treat yo self and the ones you love. You can also use it for hostess gifts or as an office gift exchange. Let’s get into the spirit of the season together. Whether you prefer to take things slow or run full force with your arms flailing from side to side (yup, that one is me), creating some Christmas crafts will help you get there no matter what road you choose. I hope you will continue to craft with me as we make our way to the big day! Oh and remember to follow my blog as one lucky follower will be getting a mystery prize at the end of the month!


October Crochet Challenge: Part 4

The time has finally arrived, the big reveal and the moment we have all been waiting for. Part 4 is going to focus on showing you how to finish off your project,  as well I will be sharing some pictures of my finished blanket. Excited? I know I am, it has been a long month of countless hours spent hooking. We are almost there so lets finish up so we can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

You are all probably near or at the end of your project and just need to add the finishing touches. There are two parts to this,  the first part will be weaving in the ends (please see part 3 for the tutorial) and the second part will be to add a boarder around the edge of your blanket (optional).

The following is a side by side, one with a boarder and one without;

Image-1 (2)

The one on the left has a boarder and the one on the right does not. It is up to you which you prefer, I opted for the boarder. To add the boarder all you have to do is sc all the way around the edges. I switched colours to keep with the white and black theme but you can use the same colour all the way around if you would like.

Simply attach the yarn of your choice to your hook and insert along the edge like so;

photo 2 (31)photo 3 (9)

Sc all the way along the edge of the blanket, switching colours (optional). Go all the way around one time, once you fasten off the end (see part 2), ensure you leave long end pieces along the way.

Your ends should look like so;

photo 4 (7)

As you can see I have my yarn needle in place and am ready to weave in my ends. Once you have weaved in all your ends you are done! It’s as simple as that 😉

You went from this….

FullSizeRender (1)

To this….


It is pretty impressive and for that you deserve a round of applause! I am so proud of you all for taking this challenge with me. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, we are prepared for the cold days ahead….


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