DIY Sunflowers

Alright, as promised I am going to teach you the ways of the sunflower. I know it has been a long wait and you just weren’t sure what to do or where to start so sit back and take a read through so you too can create some floral magic. Without further ado lets get started. For this crafting project you will need the following;

  • 4 pieces of felt, 2 in yellow and 2 in brown (depending on how many flowers you want to make)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • a quarter cup of imagination lightly mixed with a cup full of patiences

Here is the felt I used;

photo (26)


Lets start by creating the centre of the flower. I will try my best to describe my technique as well I have include a link with some additional instructions. Take the brown felt and cut a circle, you can make it as large or small as you want. The larger the centre the bigger the flower, for mine I went on the larger side. Once you have a circle cut from the felt you can then begin to cut on the inside in a circular motion all the way down to the middle;

photo 1 (17)

Once you have your piece looking like the one above, you then roll the outer end towards the middle end piece. You want to keep it as flat and circular as you can, try and envision what the centre of the flower looks like. Feel free to cut the edges of the flower as you go if there are pieces that are sticking out. Here is what mine looked like;

photo 2 (20)

To finish you can add some glue to connect the pieces together. Viola, you are half way there (the link above will provide further instructions/pictures if you are stuck). Now comes the somewhat tedious part, the cutting of the petals. Pull out your yellow felt and lets begin. You start by cutting out one petal, make it as big or as small as you would like but try and keep it symmetric with the centre you just created.

photo 1 (18)

Once you have the desired shape, use this petal as an outline for the rest so you can create the same sized petals. Lay it over top the felt and cut around it. I cut about 14 petals for my flower.

photo 2 (21)

This point on becomes the fun part, putting it all together. Use the hot glue gun to attach the petals, put a small portion on the bottom tip of the flower and attach it to the bottom of the centre piece. Repeat all the way around the centre until it is fully covered with petals (I used about 7 petals). Then go around the outside and add the remaining petals in between the spaces of the first row of petals. This will fill in the spaces and give the sunflower a fuller look.


photo (27)

And there you have it, I hope with the instructions I have provided above you too can create your very own sunflowers! If you need clarification about anything please let me know in the comments below or feel free to send me an email. This crafting project is a great way to create some beautiful fall décor and it isn’t costly so get out there and get crafting! The world is waiting to see the beauty you can create with your own two hands 🙂

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Pumpkin spice and everything nice…

Yes it’s true, I am talking pumpkins and it’s still August. Technically it is still summer but fall will officially be here on August 25th, which is pretty much next week!! What makes this the first day of fall you ask? Well it’s the official day that Starbucks starts brewing the ever so delightful Pumpkin Spice Latte, which in my books makes it the fall. Don’t believe me? Well then check it out. I am not sure what is more appalling, the fact that this is considered news by Fox or the fact I base my life around what drinks Starbucks is brewing…..

The truth is no matter how we try and hold onto the summer and can’t bare the thought of loosing it once again, the reality is that we will. It will be gone and we will enter another season, so why not embrace the change? I used to dread the fall every year but you know what? It’s now one of my favourite times of year, I have learned to admire and appreciate it’s beauty. It brings so much colour, the leaves change into these firery shades of red, orange and yellow. The breeze brings a slight chill which makes the Pumpkin Spice Latte feel that much more comforting. I also love the way the air smells, yes the leaves eventually wilt away and the days become shorter but the crisp air brings a sense of excitement. I get this tingling sensation all in my stomach because I know soon it will be Christmas!!!! Yes I am one of those annoying people who barf their Christmas spirit all over the place and I won’t apologize for it so you better get used to it 😉

I decided it would be best to ease us all into the changing season, and as said above it’s not official yet, Starbucks hasn’t said so. Lets take things slow and enjoy the rest of the summer keeping in mind that change is inevitable. Let’s start with some flowers, sunflowers to be exact. Sunflowers are another one of my favourites this time of year. Instead of buying them for my floral creation I decided to attempt to make my own using some felt. Here is the end result;



I couldn’t resist adding in some wheat, not only does it symbolize the fall but it also gives me a little reminder of home, I am and always will be a prairie girl at heart! If you are wanting to make your own sunflowers in preparation for the season you won’t want to miss next week’s blog post, I will be doing a “do it yourself” to show how I made them so you too can make your very own. If this doesn’t sound appealing and crafting just isn’t for you well then I have even better news, this wreath will be available for purchase when my store opens on September 8 🙂

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I moustache you a question…..

Let me take you back, way way back in the day to a time around 1996…..a time when the only people who had moustaches in school were the ones who were on their fifth attempt at trying to pass grade 9. A time when those who wore a moustache were dads and possibly porn stars, it wasn’t really a cool accessory in that time. Now lets fly ahead to present time where moustaches are the key staple to any “hip” look. There is this unspoken respect when you see a nice stash and even more for the perfect beard which is sometimes accompanied by a slight nod of the head as if to say “damn that’s a mighty fine beard”. Moustaches are everywhere now and have revitalized the way in which we dress or decorate our homes, you can find them on  pillow cases, purses and t-shirts. They are taking over so I decided to add a mini stash to the new fall mug cozy I crocheted;


I used a delightful pattern with easy to follow instructions along with my favourite way to learn, pictures. I decided to add a little flare to mine by adding the stash, it isn’t part of the pattern. I can’t imagine how long it would take to grow the perfect moustache, thankfully, but I can say that I spent a good two hours one evening trying to crochet one so kind of the same thing right? Either way I found a fantastically “hip” pattern for, my favourite, the classic handle bar moustache. This is the perfect starter project so if you have ever been a bit curious about “hooking” now is the time. Give in to the power of the stash and pick up that hook! You will thank me when you are safely enjoying a hot cup of tea or coco on a cold winter’s night. No more being afraid of those hot mugs, oh no not you because you crafted the perfect stash cozy and now you can sit back and enjoy the warmth of the beverage.

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Holy Cowl!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far! This post will unfortunately not be in line with the season but will be more about preparing for the when the leaves start to change colour, I know I know we all don’t want to think about it but like every year it happens so please bear with me on this one. Fall hadn’t crossed my mind either until I stumbled upon a pattern in a book I recently purchased and I thought to myself “holy cowl I have to make this”! It is perfect for that Fall weather, when the breeze starts to feel a bit cooler and away go the sandals and out come the boots. Here is the book I used for this next crochet creation;

photo (25)

I highly recommend it. The patterns are easy to follow and range from beginner to more advanced, something for everyone. I chose the cowl scarf to start with as I have seen them around and have always been a bit curious about how to make them. Here is the end result of the cowl I made, keeping in mind that this will come in handy when it isn’t plus 30 degrees outside 😉


I added the button as I thought it needed a little something extra and here is my beautiful cousin Christine who, after much begging on my part, reluctantly agreed to be my model;


This will be available when my store launches this Fall, which reminds me, after much thought and debate I have decided to start by selling my crafting creations on my blog instead of jumping into an Etsy store. On September 8th you will be able to see what I am selling right here on my blog. In anticipation for this day, and to say a big thank you to all that follow me, I will be raffling off an infinity scarf with matching head band to one of my lucky followers so if you aren’t following along please do so! Here they are on my lovely model;



(photography by David E)