You spin me right round baby right round…..

Admit it, when you read the title it instantly took you back to the classic opening of the Wedding Singer and those butterflies started fluttering for the one and only Robbie Hart…..no, just me? If you have no idea what I am talking about then you have to get on the Robbie Hart train and watch the movie. In the mean time I will give you a teaser and for those who have seen it a reminder of why Mr. Heart is the one and only http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0P5fP5KO1w  It’s an old movie that still feels like the first time even after the 100th watch, kind of like when you settle in and listen to your favourite record. I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing like listening to music on vinyl. It’s the way music was intended to be heard, kind of like a good book. Instead of each word carefully placed before the next it is in the form of song. I can’t speak to how it is put together now but the classics such as Neil Young would organize the song sequence on a record in the way he wanted it to be heard. There is something magical and intimate about the whole experience. The sound quality too, don’t even get me started! I decided that having a living room full of vinyl wasn’t enough….I needed something else…..something crocheted!

A few months ago I had come across a free pattern for crocheted coasters, naturally it was free so I took it. I wasn’t sure how or when I would use the pattern but all this vinyl talk got me to thinking of how I could use the pattern to create some record shaped coasters. Here is the pattern I used;

photo (22)

I changed a few things such as the size of hook and yarn. I used regular yarn instead of the t-shirt yarn as I couldn’t find any that were in the colours I needed and I used a size 9 hook (I still tend to crochet a bit too tight).

The end result?! A funky new way to keep surfaces looking clean;

photo (23)

photo (24)

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Back to Basics

My last few crochet projects have been way over my head, lets face it I am fairly new at “hooking”, so I decided to take a step back and pay my dues. One of my first projects was attempting to crochet a dish cloth which didn’t turn out that well. In the end it served its purpose but it wasn’t the prettiest, in fact I am not even sure it was a proportionate square or any real shape for that matter. The time had come, with some determination and a rainbow of colour doggonit I was ready;

photo (21)

I picked up my hook, no pattern in sight, using a store bought dish cloths as a guide, and I went to town. You would think after all this time I would learn my lesson and at least consult a patter written by the pros but nope, not me! Some take the road less travelled but me, I take the one that looks like I may fall off a cliff if I get too close to the edge. Maybe a little dramatic in reference to this project but in reference to my life it is right on point 😉 As this project came together I was over come with a sense of delight, it was nice to see how far I had come since I first fell in love with the art of crocheting.

photo 1 (16)


photo 2 (19)

There are always struggles and frustrations in the beginning phases of learning something new. Re-attempting old projects is a great way to remind yourself that, like anything worth while in life, you need to allow yourself patience, time and a bit more patience. A craft or hobby can take years to perfect. Creating things by hand always lends itself to human error but that is what makes it unique and special. Don’t strive for perfection, strive to make up your own rules and to keep on running close enough to the edge of the cliff without falling over 😉



Summer Lovin…

As I watch the sun dance off the water on a hot afternoon I feel beads of sweat fall along my face. Just as I feel I can’t take any more of the heat a nice cool breeze sweeps across my face and through my hair. I am reminded of why I love the Summer so much. Like a warm hug from an old friend that has come back after a long time gone, at last Summer is finally back. This calls for a crafty celebration and what better way to celebrate then to create a fresh look that symbolizes all things Summer. Nothing speaks to the season more than a cold drink, sunshine and a beautiful arrangement of freshly picked flowers. “Ahhh if only the good times could last forever…..what’s that?….they can?!” How you might be wondering, well listen up because I am about to share a life changing discovery I made just the other day as I was walking through Michaels. Like all great things in life it started with a price tag of $3.99 and was in the clearance section; photo (19) Not making things clear yet? Okay well this box of magic allows you to create the illusion of a vase full of “water” in which you can create a wonderfully fresh looking floral arrangement that will last a life time! Exciting I know but that wasn’t the only discovery I made that day. I was deep in thought, pondering what I could use for a vase and as I scanned the isles in hopes of making another life changing discovery there it was, with it’s shiny tin lid and old fashioned writing along the outside. I knew in that moment that there could only be one vase that screamed Summer the loudest. That high pitched scream came from a mason jar!!! Nowadays it seems mason jars are used for everything. I have never seen so many uses for a mason jar in my life. From canning, to organizing, to juicing, the possibilities are endless and everyone is doing it so naturally I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. I mean if you are going to drink the kool aid you might as well drink it out of the right glass 😉

Without further ado, here is my crafty celebration, a combination of band wagon jumping, bargain shopping and some Summer lovin all wrapped up into one; photo (20)I can almost smell that fresh floral arrangement aroma and the great thing is that it will last all season long and next season and the season after that and well you get where I am going with this so get out there and create some of your own Summer lovin and let the good times roll!


Aunty Project: A Dolly For a Dolly – Part 3

Well the day has finally come, the big reveal if you may, it is part 3 of my Aunty project and I am so excited to share with you the end result of my crochet creation. I have to admit, when I got to the point I had to crochet the hair on the dolly’s head I was seriously doubting my doll making skills. I am not sure why the hair scared me so but I remember a few dolls I had as a kid that had the odd bald patch on the back of their heads and to this day it still gives me nightmares!! The Red Apple or Saan store special I am sure and don’t get me wrong mom I appreciated the thought of you buying me something special and after years of therapy I can now forgive you for your terrible parenting decision. The nightmares are all that I have left but hopefully one day I will be free of them….one day…..I am happy to say this little dolly has no signs whatsoever of a bald patch! She has one full head of hair, phew, I know right?! Here is a tutorial I used that really helped me in creating a wicked sick flow for my dolly, just in case you are feeling inspired to start “hooking”. This is one of the proudest moments I have had since I first picked up my crochet hook and decided that “hooking” would be part of my life. I am truly proud of the end result and have a new found respect for all the crocheters out there who make these dolls for it is no easy task and is very time consuming.

So here you have it folks, my first attempt at a crochet dolly. This little dolly was made, with love, for another very special dolly otherwise know as my niece, Eva, this one’s for you my dear;

photo (17) photo 2 (18) photo 1 (15) I was contemplating making another dolly for myself, is that weird?! Maybe a little but you have to admit she is pretty darn cute!! This is one crochet project I am going to try and perfect a bit more as I am hoping to add this crochet creation to my online store which will be opening this fall, so stay tuned or better yet follow along.