Goodbye April Showers and Hello May Flowers

In a popularity contest the rain may not come in first place but I’m in favour of the rain, mainly because without it we would never get to smell the lovely Spring flowers that we wait patiently all season long to welcome back. Yup, in a popularity contest the rain would win my vote for homecoming king….or queen…or both!! So I decided to post a craft project that was a celebration of this time of year, so that those of you who are maybe still feeling those winter blues and maybe don’t have the beautiful flowers blooming, as of yet, can create a little piece of that in your homes. Remember the snow can’t last forever…..can it?! Eventually the flowers will be blooming and to get you in the mood why not craft away those winter blues?

Like the start of most great ideas, I found my inspiration for this floral creation on Pinterest. It started with a pin that showed how to create flowers made from felt (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/390828073885317109/). This pin provides some great instructions and for those of us that prefer pictures don’t worry because it has lots of those as well.  Here is my first attempt at making my very own May flowers;

photo 1 (6)

For a first attempt I think they turned out not too shabby. They were really fun to make, I know I say that about a lot of things but this one is a for sure good time, how better to spend a Friday night?! Exactly, there is no other way….unless it’s to watch Dateline then maybe, Keith Morrison is the only exception to this rule 😉

Once I finished making my flowers, I decided they would be the perfect décor for a wicker wreath. I used the following supplies;

photo 2 (7)

*I ended up not needing the ribbon or the floral wire*

From there I used a hot glue gun and proceeded to put it altogether. The one tip I would give, if you are up for making your own wreath, is to first place everything where you would like them to go and then once you are absolutely sure, glue them in place. It makes things a bit easier and less messy if you need to make a few adjustments. This was the end result of my crafting celebration of May flowers;


photo 3 (2)

I am thinking of making a similar wreath for my Etsy store this fall, what do you think? Would you buy one? I of course need to perfect the flowers a bit more but I mean that’s what Friday nights are for right?! Please share your thoughts with me I would love to hear them, oh and remember to follow my blog, if you aren’t already 🙂








DIY Terrarium

As promised, I am going to share with you the secrets of creating your very own slice of paradise. Keeping in mind your paradise may look different than mine and by all means, once you know the basics, you can get creative and add whatever it is you would like. To start out I used the following supplies;

photo 1 (3)

  1. Glass container (Winners) = $9.99.
  2. Sand (Michaels) = $3.99.
  3. Sea shells (donated by Mother Nature) = free
  4. Air plants (2) medium sized (Whole Foods) = $3.99 each.
  5. Birds (Michaels) = $2.99

* not pictured here is the miniature beach chair which I had discovered after making my terrarium. Michaels has a great selection of miniature figurines which are perfect for this crafting project. For the chair I paid $6.99.

After you have collected your supplies, the next step is making sure your container is clean and ready to go. Roll up your sleeves and get to it;

photo 2 (4)

After washing and drying your container it should be ready to give’r. The next step is setting up the base of your terrarium, for mine I used sand and it was as easy as this;

photo 1 (4)

Once you have filled the base of the container it is time for the fun part, no the margaritas comes afterwards so put down your glass, I meant it’s time to decorate!! For me, I started by adding the plants. I used air plants and the great thing about using this kind of plant is that they don’t need soil, they can just sit on top and in fact you don’t want to bury them in too much sand/soil as you will need to remove the plants twice a week to water them (or as per instructions). To water them you just run them under some water and then they are ready to go back into the terrarium.

photo 2 (5)

After you have put in the plants, the next part is a bit easier as you can fill in the remaining space with your décor. Oh and most importantly don’t for get to put a bird on it! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHmLljk2t8M)

photo 1 (5)

The last step for me was making sure it was approved by the boss of the house, also known as Sir Charles, he had to give the “sniff” of approval and as you can see it passed;

photo 2 (6)


And there you have it! I hope this gives you a great start on making your very own slice of paradise.

photo 3 (1)

* here are some additional sites that may help you in your quest for terrarium domination;


A Little Slice of Paradise…

Warm sun, sandy beaches, sea shells and tall green grass……these are just a few of the things that create a sense of euphoria and peace for me. I love the way my feet sink into the sand, the way it violates every crevice between my toes and just when I think I got rid of every last trace of sand, it comes back like a clingy stalker to be all like “nope, jokes on you I am still here”!! Yup for some reason that is appealing to me…..or maybe it’s because with sand usually comes the warm friendly sun, the one with sunglasses and a smile…you know you drew it like that as a kid! And with the sun comes the feeling of being alive and full of energy, well for me anyways and it’s probably more so because I live in rain city 😉 What does your paradise look like? Is it a “Walking on the Sunshine” kind of day or is it a “Moonlight Desires” kind of deal, or maybe even a “Welcome to the Jungle” kind of theme? Well whatever it is, try and shrink it down to a small version, yup even smaller and think of how you would take the essence of what that is and channel it into….wait for it…..a terrarium!! Why you ask? Well I will tellarium you why!

Have you ever looked, really just sat down and looked at a terrarium? I have and it’s part of the reason why Whole Foods won’t let me back….but it’s hard not to let the peaceful scenery over come you with a sense of belonging, instantly those feelings of stress melt away. I knew I had to have one!! So I set out to purchase one….and then I seen the $29.99 price tag and thought “pfft nah I will just make my own”, I mean come on why so much? Plus half the stuff in there I wouldn’t put in it if I had the choice…..okay I am totally trying to justify my cheapness but in the end, I must say, I got way more out of it then I would have had I bought one pre-made, honestly! I took all the elements I described above and of course had to put a bird on it 😉 So here we are, my little slice of paradise;

20140412-IMG_70931-2 20140412-IMG_70851-2

(Photography by David E.)

I kept it simple but for me that is what calms me the most, the simple things in life. I love looking at it and even had to re-arrange a few things in my living room in order to have it in plain sight for when I’m relaxing at home. What are you waiting for? Put on some Guns n’ Roses and crank “Take me Down to the Paradise City” to get you in the mood and get out there!! There are different variations which may take a bit more time and cost a bit more but for the one I created it took less than an hour to create and was under $30.00, take that Whole Foods 😉 If you still aren’t sure where to start or how to make it, boy do I have life changing news for you. I will be posting a “Do it Yourself” (DIY) shortly to show you how I made my little slice of paradise so stay tuned and even better follow my blog so you can be instantly notified when it’s posted.

Oh and one more thing, I want to say congrats again to Christie. She was the lucky follower who won a pair of crochet slippers, much thanks to you and all the rest for following along;



Infinity Crochet Scarf

I know most of you are probably thinking “scarves are over”! Yes it is true that with Spring and Summer comes the promise of warmer weather so we no longer need the warmth and comfort of a scarf but if you are like me you rock the scarves all year round. I feel they are the perfect accessory to any outfit, for casual wear and for dressing up. Whatever your “scarf weather” is please try and keep this beauty in mind, that being the infinity scarf I crocheted;


I made it long so that you have the option of wrapping it twice or thrice (photos compliments of David E.)

The time may have passed for most of you when it comes to scarves but I wanted to do a post in preparation for my Etsy store that will be opening this fall. For those of you who don’t know what Etsy is, mom I am talking to you, it’s an online store in which you can purchase some of my creations (okay mom just Google the word “Etsy”). I will be starting with a few items, this crochet infinity scarf being one of them. Let me know what you think, would you buy one? What color would you want? Let me know what your thoughts are, I would love to know, good or bad let me have it 😉

Oh and remember to follow my blog so you don’t miss out! I have made it easier now with the “follow” button along the side, you just put in your email address and then you are done and are now a “follower”. As well, once it gets closer to the date of my Etsy launch I will be celebrating by giving one lucky follower an infinity crocheted scarf so make sure you are following, you will for sure need one come September!