Create your space….

Remember the time you had a room that was just yours for playing in, or when you got really creative and made a fort in the living room, or when your mom was out getting groceries and you convinced your dad it would be a great idea to set up the tent in the dinning room?! Ahhh the good ol’days. When there was no reason to justify why you needed a space you could just use for play. I am sure lots of us have fond memories such as these, and I think we sometimes forget the important of having a designated fun zone as we grow. Yes, we put away the toys and grow up at some point in our lives but we still need a space all to ourselves, where we can take time to do the things we love. I am a firm believer that everyone needs their own space, whether it be for crafting, reading, gardening, listening to music, creating music, writing, whatever it is that you enjoy doing you should create some space just for that love or hobby. We should all have a fun zone or a recess area!! So here we go, I am going to go “step by step” compliments of the New Kids on the Block to help you create your very own space.

Step 1 – We can have lot of fun!

For anything to become a reality you first have to visualize what it is you want which can be a lot of fun. Think of all the day dreaming one does in a day….well mostly when at work but you can use this time to visualize your creative space, lets face it work will be there tomorrow! Try to picture how you would like to spend an adult version of recess, it can be having a designated reading chair, or writing desk, or a Zen den, it can be anything you do for a hobby or that helps you relax. It doesn’t have to be an entire room all to yourself, get creative and use what you got!

Step 2 – There’s so much we can do!

Now that you have visualized your recess it is time to start looking for the necessary pieces you need to start setting up your area. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, spread the word, maybe your friends and family have the pieces that you need to make your vision become a reality. You can also check out vintage or thrift stores, or maybe you wait for the pieces you want to go on sale. You don’t have to get everything all in one day but there is so much you can do to prepare.

Step 3 – It’s just you and me!

Hmm I really didn’t think this through….yup it’s just you and me…..

Step 4 – I can give you more!

As you collect your items, start putting the pieces together. This will give you further motivation to keep investing time into you and into your fun zone. Any shared space doesn’t count, such as the bedroom, couch or the kitchen table….nope you share those spaces with others, you need to create your very own special place within your home and wait I can give you more….

Step 5 – Don’t you know the time has arrived!

After you have put the pieces together it is time to set aside some daily, weekly or monthly “play” time! I know life happens and life gets busy so we can’t always play when we want to but it is always important to set aside time for ourselves and time to do the things we love to do. I also encourage you to share your art as much as you can, you never know who it will inspire plus art is meant to be shared. And yes the time has arrive “huuuuuuuuu”!! (If you haven’t heard the song I am referencing this will probably make no sense but honestly who doesn’t know who the New Kids on The Block are?! If you don’t or if you want to jam out while you read then this is for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay6GjmiJTPM)

Here is what my recess looks like;




I had the vision for a long time and I admit it has taken me a while to put it all together but now that I have I couldn’t be happier. It gives me a sense of peace as well it encourages me to never stop investing in my art and in the things I enjoy. What will your recess look like?

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Time for some Easter burlap….

It’s that time of year again, pastel colours are coming out to play, as well as that magical bunny who miraculously lays eggs which are filled with delicious chocolate. Yup don’t questions the logic here folks and just go with it “mmmm chocolate bunny eggs”. My favourite by far are the mini eggs, I wish Starbucks would make a mini egg latte, now that I would buy…..wait who am I kidding they could shit in a cup and call it a latte and I would still buy it! Yup you gotta love this time of year, that sneaky bunny laying eggs, breaking into homes and then hiding those magical chocolate eggs, ahhhh I can’t wait…..I hope the Easter bunny has my new address……

My favourite part of Spring, other than the Cherry Blossoms blooming, are the pastel colours and just colour in general! I don’t know about you but I find it hard to have a frowny face or a pair of grumpy pants on when I see the tulips starting to bloom and the trees starting to get their green fingers back. To celebrate the change in season and of course that silly wabbit coming out and laying eggs, I have created a Spring/Easter burlap wreath;

photo (14)

I hope you all feel that Spring feeling and if not then maybe all you need is a Spring craft project! I recommend you eat the biggest bag of mini eggs you can find, then sit on the couch and feel guilty about it 😉 and then go out to the nearest craft store and get you some supplies to make a Spring burlap wreath! Great idea? Yeah I know, you’re welcome.

If crafting just isn’t for you or if you are looking for some more great craft creations check out “Pretty Yarn Cute” on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PrettyYarnCute) and like their page. They sell boot cuffs, scarves, wreaths and more! The name pretty much says it all 🙂

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Aunty project; crochet baby slippers and matching hat

I recently had the honour and pleasure of finally meeting my niece Eva, who is not only amazing but beautiful and adorable. From the moment I held her in my arms I knew I was in love and that I would always be there for her no matter what to uphold my duty as one funny, quirky and loving Aunty. I admit I am by no means an expert and was terrified a few times when she would start to cry or fuss but by the end of the week I think I sort of got the hang of it. One thing I was good at was getting her to fall asleep, even if it was just a quick power nap…..I think she got tired of my bad jokes 😉 It amazed me that for only being one month old she was so alert and had the eyes of an old soul, it was as if when she looked at me she could see right through me, it was both magnificent and again terrifying. I commend anyone who is brave and courageous enough to become a mother for it’s no easy task and is a life long commitment. I realized I never really thank my mom enough for raising me with such love and care. To all the mom’s out there and especially mine, thank you for providing love in the good times, the bad times and the worst of times. I know it wasn’t easy and I did give you a hard time every now and then. I thank you for your strength to love me unconditionally and to guide me down this path called life. I will forever be grateful and can only wish that one day I can be a mother you would be proud of, even if it’s just to my Charlie 😉

My Aunty project this time around was a crochet hat and matching slippers. I wanted to crochet a mini version of the adult slippers I make as well as a matching hat. I wanted to use a basic crochet pattern so that I could build off of it and this is eventually what I came up with;

photo (9)

I followed a simple pattern for both, for the slippers I used this one (http://crochet.about.com/od/baby-booties/a/simple-crochet-baby-slippers.htm) and for the hat (http://crochet.about.com/od/hats/a/how-to-crochet-a-baby-beanie.htm). I added the flowers and buttons to both. Here is a little peek at my niece Eva in her slippers, they are still a little too big but I am sure she will grow into them in no time;


For a first time attempt I have say it was fairly simple and not very time consuming, I believe altogether it was around 4 hours. There is also something special about making something that is so tiny, I am sure I was saying a lot of “awwww” and “ooohhhhh” when I was crocheting them. The measurements for the patterns were pretty accurate as well. I encourage you to take a run at it, hey if I can do it anyone can!! It would be a great project for beginners.

Keeping in theme with my last post, I brought back a little piece of home with me from my visit with my niece Eva. Our first craft project together;

photo (13)

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Inspiration compliments of the Pike Place Market

I recently took a road trip to one of my favourite places to visit. The city is filled with so much art, inspiration and musical history. It is truly a place I think everyone should visit at least once in their life, I mean who doesn’t want to buy a coffee or a latte from the place that started this insanity called Starbucks?! If you still don’t know what city I am referring to then let me tell you my friend, I speak of a little place called Seattle. Seattle has a similar reputation, weather wise, as Vancouver….it rains a lot….it’s cloudy…..blah blah blah don’t believe everything you hear folks and come see for yourselves…..but make sure you pack an umbrella because it will probably be raining 😉

When in Seattle I always try and visit the Pike Place Market, yes it is very touristy and often packed with people but you can find some crafty treasures there. Here is a little sneak peek….



(Pictures complements of Dave E., check out the link on my blog for more great photos)

This is just a small piece of what Seattle has to offer, the pictures help to create a visual of the market but you really need to go to experience the true beauty of the city. Part of the reason I love to travel is that it provides an opportunity to bring part of the city back with you in the form of a souvenir. This is what I found on my trip;

photo 2 (3)

For a souvenir I, of course, had to get a little something for my niece, some dried flowers and a coffee mug from the original Starbucks. I think it is important to bring a little piece of where you have been home with you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either, it can be a neat looking rock you find, it can be captured in a picture, it can be some flowers that you pick and bring home to dry out to make potpourri…..too far? My point is that it’s more about the memory than the material item, so when you travel next, even if it’s somewhere you have been before, try to capture something that makes that place special or memorable for you and bring it home with you.

Previous to my Seattle trip, I was out and about one rainy Sunday afternoon, okay it does rain but not as much as everyone says I assure you, and I was getting a coffee when I seen something that caught my eye…

photo 4

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, all I knew was that it was on sale which meant I had to have it…..yes I am a sucker for a sale. I brought it home and thought “hmmm now what, it does look interesting on it’s own but it needs something” and that something would later be discovered at the market in Seattle. I used some of the dried flowers I had purchased to give the vase that little something it needed;

photo (10)

I also had enough dried flowers left over to make some potpourri and to decorate another vase I had;

photo (11)

I still have some of the dried flowers left so look out burlap wreath because you may be next! I now have a little piece of Seattle’s Pike Place Market to keep with me, even Charlie had to stop and take time to smell the flowers 😉

photo 3

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