Keep those feet looking neat with some crocheted slippers

There is one part of the body that sometimes gets a little neglected and even more so as we get older. We stop thinking it is cute to play “this little piggy went to the market” and we no longer laugh when they get tickled….nope both are no longer funny or cute, just kind of weird and creepy. I don’t know about you but I would prefer that no one even touch mine, you can look but you better not touch! What part of the body do I speak of you ask? Well it be our feet of course. I really feel that our feet are important to our health and to our over all self care. We need to make sure we aren’t forgetting about them and that we are giving them some love. They are what carry us through life, we rely so much on them yet rarely give them the attention they deserve. Well worry no more little feet for I am here to save you and to make you feel like the champions of life you truly are! So what do champions of life wear in honour of our thankfulness? Well to keep those feet looking neat and to show them how much you really do care about them I am recommending you wear these…..


What better badge of honour to bestow upon our feet than a pair of crocheted slippers. They will keep your little champions warm, protected and looking ever so cute. I previously posted a picture of a pair I had made a while ago but here is a sample of a few more;

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (2)

Here is a link to the pattern I used to create this crochet creationĀ (http://crochet.about.com/od/slippers/a/simple-crochet-slippers.htm). I did have to adjust the sizing of the slippers and I also added a second colour for the trim, the flowers and buttons (neither are part of the pattern). The pattern is very basic and easy to follow, which is great because from there you can get creative and build off of it.

If you are interested in owning a pair of your very own slippers to show your feet how much they mean to you, follow my blog as one lucky follower has the chance to win a free pair. You have to be using a computer in order to follow, it won’t let you do so from your mobile device. I will be making the draw at the end of March so what are you waiting for?! You and your feet deserve a pair šŸ™‚


Puppy Love

When I was crocheting the blanket for my niece I have to say my little Charlie was pretty upset and a little jealous…how do I know you ask? Well, from the moment I brought home the bag of yarn and set it on the kitchen counter the little nut would stare at it until I had to eventually show him what was in the bag to which he would try to rub his little face all over the yarn. I couldn’t help but laugh and say “nope sorry not for you”. When I started crocheting the blanket Charlie would sit and once more stare at me while trying to sneak his way onto the blanket and again I would have to look into those adorable eyes of his and say “nope sorry buddy not for you”. After I had finished the blanket I started to think to myself “hmm maybe I should make him his very own blanket, why not?!” So I went to work. I am sure those of you who don’t have a pet are probably rolling your eyes right about now and are thinking “whaaaattt” like I just finished saying how many calories are in an egg mcmuffin but you really have to have a pet to truly appreciate the intense love that is shared between one and their pet(s), it’s a special kind of love. Most importantly, they are part of your family so like any family member you sort of get the urge to spoil them every now and then. I am sure Caesar is out there somewhere yelling “no, you have to be the pack leader” and I’m all like “well who says the pack leader can’t make the pack members some crocheted blankets?!” I mean could you really say no to this face……

photo (5)

I sure can’t!! I mean just look at that little face, you would have to be a heartless grinch not to fall in love with him! Anyways, the moral of the story is, I made my little guy a blanket using the same strategy I used when I crocheted the blanket for my niece, only I made it much smaller (18 x 18 inches). It didn’t take that long to make either which was great as Charlie had been waiting anxiously to have his very own blanket, again you ask how do I know? Well it’s simple, once I had completed the blanket for him, he looked at me and I looked right back at him and we both knew in that instant that dreams had come true. Here is the little stinker enjoying his very own crochet blanket;

photo (6)


Aunty Project: Crochet Baby Blanket

Previously I had gushed about my delight at becoming a first time Auntie and every since I have been busy crocheting this blankie for my niece. Crocheting is a form of therapy for me, I love creating things by hand and knowing that I am making something for my loved ones just adds to the sheer joy I get out of my hobby. Don’t get me wrong, learning anything can be a struggle at first, but the pay off is worth all the frustrations of learning something new, such as a new pattern. It can take some time to get it right and you may have to start over a few times in order to get it looking as it should, as was the case when I was making this blanket. I didn’t really follow a pattern, I just kind of “winged” it which might have been my downfall. I had a general idea of the size I wanted and decided to keep it simple by using a single crochet stitch and just went for it. I combined the following three colours;


I took a piece of yarn from each one and intertwined them together. I used the biggest crochet hook I could find, I believe it was a size “P”. I am still learning how to crochet and find that my stitch can be a little tight at times, if you are at the same phase as myself, I find that using a bigger hook than suggested (depending on the pattern/item) will allow for a bit more slack in the loops which makes things a bit easier. Once I worked through a few set backs everything seemed to go fairly smooth. Here is the blanket in the first few stages;



By using a single crochet stitch it was simple enough to work on while Ā indulging in some mindless television shows, as it didn’t take a lot of concentration once I got into the swing of things. This is the great thing about crocheting, it can compliment a good episode of “New Girl”, “The Mindy Project” or even a guilty pleasure like “The Real World”. Terrible I know but every now and then I need to watch something that makes me feel “normal” and I can just shut my brain off…okay I can feel your judgement…moving on, here is the blanket when I was about half way there;


The struggle for me was keeping the edges in a straight line, I did have to start over a few times as I mentioned earlier, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The finished blanket measures 30 x 35 inches and took about 6-8 hours to create, that is about 6-8 episodes of the “Real World” so not that bad šŸ˜‰

photo (4)

I am eagerly awaiting the end of month as it will be the first time I get to meet and hold my adorable niece. I hope she likes her blankie and knows that each stitch was made with love.


For all you lovers…

As promised, I wanted to show some seasonal inspiration for your burlap wreath as I’m assuming you have all made one by now…..right?! Well if you haven’t yet been inspired to create a wreath maybe all you needed was to see a little red, I hope this gives you the inspiration you were looking for. Here is my Valentine’s themed burlap wreath;


It didn’t take much to provideĀ this wreath with a little love for the season and I really like how the red stands out against the burlap. If you heaven’t yet read the DYI post on creating this floral creation be sure to check it out, it’s a great way to spruce up your home and to create a feeling of “love” in the air.

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Aunty Project: Feeling the Love

Today I am feeling the love…..no not because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (insert eye roll here), no it is for another reason, well two reasons to be exact. Ā First, January is finally over. That’s right, we survived another long, cold, dreadful January, hooray! Okay okay I know we still have a ways to go before we get to feel that fresh Spring air but we are one month closer. The second reason I am feeling the love is that I am officially an Aunty and she is the most beautiful baby girl I have every seen! I am over come with such delight and joy that I can barely stand it. To think you can love something so much, so fast, is such an incredible feeling. I feel like I am part of this special “Aunty” club and if you think about it we have a pretty awesome gig as Aunties. We get all the good parts of being there for the little ones with no real responsibilities….”you want cake for breakfast? Sure bring me a piece too. You have a dirty diaper? Go see your Uncle, rumour has it he is great at changing diapers. You want to stay up past your bedtime? Hey I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” Yup I think I am going to like this club….

After I had calmed down from the pure excitement of my new membership, I started to wonder….now what do I make the little cutie? I really wanted the first thing I made to be special and I started to think about what made my childhood memorable….and then it hit me, my blankie! I think every kid had their very own special blankie…..or maybe it was just Linus and I, either way a blankie it would be. Another reason I thought a blankie would be the perfect gift is because I live a ways away from the little cutie and I won’t get to see her that often so I figure every time she wraps the blankie around her it will be like Aunty is right there giving her a great big hug!

I will be crocheting the blankie using the following three colours;


I will post more pictures as I go along so please remember to check in or follow my blog.