DIY Burlap Wreath

Are you ready for a wild and crazy time? Well I don’t know about you but nothing says “wild and crazy” like creating a wreath 😉 So here goes, my “do it yourself” instructions for creating a burlap wreath. I hope you are ready….what’s that, you aren’t? Well might I suggesting starting with a cup of inspiration? My cup of inspiration came from this Whistlers Chestnut Ale;

photo (2)

That was my cup of inspiration but whatever your cup is I suggestion you drink it now so that you are ready to begin. Cheers! After you are feeling inspired, you will need some supplies. I used the following;

photo (1)

  • 1 19′ wreath frame
  • 1 1/2 spools of burlap (10 yards per roll)
  • 1 spool of ribbon
  • Flowers
  • Floral wire (not pictured)

This is all you will need to create your wreath. You can use whatever you would like to decorate with, it doesn’t have to be flowers, I encourage you to make it your own and get creative. The first step is to weave the burlap through the frame, like so;


Keep weaving in and out, trying to switch it up so that it doesn’t become too “patterned”. It is honestly as easy as that, keep weaving in and out until you are almost at the end. If it helps you can tie the burlap in a knot at the starting point so that it does not come undone. The nice thing about burlap is that it works really well and usually stays in place. As you go along  you can fluff out the burlap to give it more volume, this will help you to see where you need to weave. Here is what mine looked like close to the end;


Once you have completed filling in the frame, you can cut off the remaining roll and tie the end to the frame or you can weave it in ensuring it stays. Go along and fluff out the burlap, you want to make sure the frame is covered and that you can’t see any of the green wire. Now the fun part, decorating! This is where you can get really creative. I used some ribbon to weave in and out of the burlap loops, you can also use ribbon to make a bow which you can put at the top or on the side. It looks really nice with just the ribbon so it is up to you if you want to add any additional flowers/decorations. Use the floral wire to hold the flowers in place or whatever it is you are using to decorate with. You can use a hot glue gun to secure the décor but I suggest using wire so that you have the option to change it up. Here is what mine looked like after I was done;


It didn’t take me that long to create, so don’t get discouraged, it shouldn’t take any longer than an hour and it was really fun to make. I will keep showing different variations of the wreath throughout the year to showcase the versatility of this floral creation. I hope you enjoy making this wreath as much as I did!

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Burlap Wreath

Hey, you came back! I bet you couldn’t sleep all week due to pure excitement and anticipation for this very moment, I don’t blame you, it’s life changing. What’s that? You have no idea what I am talking about? Oh, well this is embarrassing….for those of you who can’t remember or are first time visitors (where have you been?!), I had posted last week about my crafting cure for those January blues which is to be this burlap wreath. So here we are, my floral creation (drum roll please);


I decided not to add too much colour, as I didn’t want to take away from the pure essence of the burlap, beautiful isn’t it?! I hope I convinced all those non-believers and those who were all like “what is burlap?” I hope this has answered that question for you. The best part is that it was simple to create and the flowers are wired in so they can easily be switched depending on what you are feeling or if you want to change according to season. Stay tuned as I will be posting my first “do it yourself” post so that you too can create your very own burlap wreath 🙂


January blues calls for burlap….

Hey you, so happy and thankful that many of you came to check out my blog…or maybe it was just my mom a bunch of times, either way it still counts and on that note I say thanks!! If you are anything like me then January can feel like a cold hearted bitch!! It is the start of a new year, it’s cold, Santa won’t be coming back for one whole year and everyone keeps asking you what you are resolving to change for the new year, ugh. I will say this, my resolution is to not have a resolution. I say, why wait for a new year to start making life changing decisions or setting goals, why not make these throughout the year?! Don’t wait for another year to start fresh, you can do that at any time of the year and it feels so much better to be making changes, not because the calendar is telling you to, but because you actually want to. Those are just my thoughts and why I feel January is just the worst, like that old friend from high school you could live without seeing for the rest of your life and when you do run into them you advert eye contact and try to get the hell out of there as soon as possible!! You all know you have that one person out there, I refuse to believe I am the only terrible person.

I was looking around our apartment after packing away the Christmas decorations and feeling even more blue and it made me realize how much space this tiny 800 square foot apartment has and naturally I started thinking of ways I could fill it up. I got my inspiration off of “Pinterest”, if you don’t know what that is…..well I don’t know if we can be friends to be honest. It is the best thing on earth, well next to Doritos and my dog, but it comes in at a close 4th or 5th on my list of favourite things. I started to notice that a lot of “pins”  used burlap to take the dull and boring to a “whaaaattt” level. Burlap has this magical power of transforming things into something unique and timeless, even the things you think can’t be saved, are reborn just by using some burlap. Not convinced? Well I am here to show you the simple power of burlap, I will be attempting to make a burlap wreath to convince those non-believers that burlap is the cure for those January blues.

Here are the supplies I will be using to create my burlap wreath (I may decide to change up the flowers to add more colour)….

photo (1)

In my opinion, if you are feeling a little blue it can be the little things that brighten up any mood and for me that will be this burlap wreath. It is simple, earthy, doesn’t stand out and has a quiet essence of perfection. It is a gentle reminder that spring will soon be here and to breathe easy and enjoy the simple things in life, because in my experience we all need to stop and smell the burlap every once and a while.

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It wasn’t until recently that I discovered what a blog was, I am a bit behind the times, yes it is true. I was amazed that blogs even existed…you mean I can just create a space to post my thoughts and express myself creatively?! Sign me up!! I started reading other blogs to get inspired and of course to learn about this thing they called a “blog”. So here goes, my attempt at blogging….if you are looking for an articulate, well thought out, very creative and inspiring blog then please stop reading right now and leave because you will get none of that here!! I mean if you are looking for a semi creative and inspiring blog with the occasional laugh and spelling mistake then you have come to the right place and to that I say welcome.

I first started really getting into the world of crafts and DIY when I moved to Vancouver. I didn’t have any friends or family here and to be honest I was plain old bored so I started crafting…it was either that or looking for friends on Craigslist….I thought crafting would be the less dangerous/sketchy/desperate option. I mean no offence to those who go on Craigslist to find friends, I am sure we would have made the best of friends…as long as you didn’t try to turn our friendship into an episode of Dateline, don’t get me wrong I love Dateline I just don’t want to star on an episode. Anyways, I found myself really enjoying crocheting (thank you sweet old lady for the “learn to crochet” videos on YouTube) and making florals. I hope you take a peek at my blog and my creations and feel inspired to create whatever it is you love to make. There is no greater feeling then creating something with your hands and sharing it with others or just keeping it for yourself and hearing your inner voice say “yeah I made that, I am amazeballs”, it is a great feeling. So I challenge you to start getting creative and create what you feel, whether it be painting, knitting, crocheting, making florals/wreaths, sewing or whatever it is you do to express yourself creatively. It can be the best form of therapy, screw counselling just put a flower on it 😉